Excuses For Not Exercising

Over the years, I’ve heard hundreds of excuses for why people don’t exercise, or skip a workout. I must admit, I’ve certainly used a bunch of excuses myself after a long day at work.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to make excuses and skip exercising, even though exercising is so fundamental to helping improve the quality of our lives and how we look and feel.

I compiled the list below of the top 10 excuses I hear for why people don’t exercise, or skip a workout:

1. I don’t have the time

2. I’m too tired

3. I’m lazy

4. It’s boring

5. It’s painful and uncomfortable

6. I don’t know what to do

7. It’s inconvenient

8. It’s too expensive

9. It doesn’t do anything

10. I’m embarrassed

And yes, the list goes on, and on.

Must See Video:

Below is a must see video on the topic of excuses I came across that has spread around the web. This is a video that you can send to your friends when they start making excuses:

If you find yourself constantly making excuses about not exercising, check out this post:
31 Reasons to Get In Shape and Exercise.

If you think I missed an excuse that should be in the top 10 list, please leave a comment!



  1. Vic Virzera Jun 16, 2011 - 21:11 #

    Just loved the excuses. Here’s a few more!
    I already did some exercises today…. I had to walk two blocks to the car….had to cut the lawn and boy was it hot….carried eight bags of groceries into the house and up the front stairs…etc. had to hold the baby for 15 minutes, my arms hurt. I woke up with a backache….headache….tooth ache…etc, etc. etc.
    Take care,

  2. patti Jun 17, 2011 - 06:52 #

    LOVE it!

  3. Mary Jun 17, 2011 - 13:10 #

    Excercising is not only good for the body, it helps you look good. Have you ever noticed how much better you look after a workout? It definitely adds a glow to your face. Loved the video.

  4. Hank Jun 19, 2011 - 09:28 #

    Great list and poignant video that further makes the point about excuses.

  5. Jessica Jun 20, 2011 - 10:49 #

    Oh-ho-ho…I’m a fan of the first 4 excuses here! Cure for #4 – martial arts for me!

  6. Susan Jun 22, 2011 - 20:33 #

    This video is right on the money! Some of the excuses he gave were hilarious! (I’ve remembered using some of those myself). The video had a powerful ending. There’s no excuse – most of us are blessed to have all our limbs… If he can do it, WE ALL CAN.

  7. Paula Jun 30, 2011 - 05:55 #

    Love the video ….excuses destroy dreams!

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