Want To Write For BuiltLean? Learn How…

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Since the start of the New Year, I’ve been searching tirelessly for the top fitness and nutrition professionals to help contribute articles to BuiltLean.com.

If you believe you are a top fitness/nutrition pro and have excellent writing skills, I would love for you to seriously consider becoming a contributor to this website as a Fitness Writer. If you are not a fitness pro but have any friends, or family who may be interested, then please shoot them this post!

For more information, I have below an advertisement I’ve posted on several websites:

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Top Fitness Writer (CSCS, PHD, MS, RD)

Do you live and breathe the fitness lifestyle?

Would you describe yourself as a fitness/nutrition nerd?

If you answered a resounding “Yes” to both of these questions, I have an awesome opportunity for you!

BuiltLean.com is the #1 online fitness resource for busy professionals who want to achieve lean, strong, fit bodies naturally and sustainably. The focus is on eating unprocessed, nutrient dense foods while using short, efficient workouts to get lean. The website currently attracts over 300K visitors (and growing quickly) each month from over 190 countries…and it launched just over 2 years ago.

I’m looking for an exceptionally smart and inspiring fitness/nutrition writer to contribute 1-4 articles per month. Details of compensation will be disclosed upon application. I will market you and your articles to tens of thousands of readers around the world. My goal is to give you a voice; to share your insights, experience, and passion with the world.

I’m only looking for a small handful of exceptional writers for my entire site, so you will be part of an elite group of fitness pros.

Fitness Writer Requirements:

  • Must be in excellent shape with a strong, lean, athletic physique
  • Extremely passionate about writing/reading about fitness/nutrition topics
  • Exceptional writing skills and high standards
  • Top certifications/education (CSCS, CPT, RD, PHD, MS)
  • Intellectual curiosity & horsepower
  • Responsive and trustworthy
  • What You Get As A Fitness Writer

  • A permanent author page on BuiltLean.com with your information, any links to your personal/social pages, and all your published articles
  • Promotion of you and your articles to our 20K+ email list and on several social media sites (stumble, digg, reddit etc.)
  • Full editorial support when writing your articles. If you have any problems with your articles, I’m happy to help you out
  • A contributor packet with helpful information to help you become a better writer
  • Sense of pride in being part of an elite group of fitness professionals and enthusiasts.


    Please email the following to careers[at]builtlean.com with the subject “BuiltLean Website Contributor”:

    1) Short description of your bio, your fitness/nutrition expertise, and article topics you would like to write about.

    2) Include your resume and links to any articles you’ve written

    3) Include a photo that demonstrates you are in great shape. Any youtube videos etc. can also be helpful.

    If you do not follow the application instructions, you will not be considered for the position.

    You can learn more about me and BuiltLean by checking out the website http://www.BuiltLean.com. I may not respond to all emails, but I do appreciate your application!

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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    4 Comments on “Want To Write For BuiltLean? Learn How…

    1. Kristian
      June 4, 2012 #

      This is an excellent opportunity for all of those who are passionate and serious about fitness. I only came across BuiltLean late last night and have already read over 10 articles and the information provided is by far the best free information I have ever come across. I am a young male aged 17 and have always been a bit ‘stocky (in my opinion)’. My body fat which is at a high of 13% which may not be high to some but in my opinion is far to high. I have always dreamed of having a desired body fat percentage of 5% and have read all the articles I have so far I know where I have been going wrong. I am serious about fitness but haven’t had the money to buy all of these promises to get lean as I am still in school. Following these tips I hope to be lean and ripped to a body fat of 5% and would recommend this site to anybody. Hopefully in the future when I do have that desired body most people want there is still a place within BuiltLean for me. Only time will tell.

      So I suggest people who are able really do apply for this opportunity.

      P.s Marc is there any certain training techniques you would recommend for a 17 year old
      Male who is a height of 5 foot 9 inches tall, a weight of 163 pounds with a body fat percentage of 13% do in order to come down to a body fat of 5%?

      Thank You

      1. June 7, 2012 #

        @Kristian – Thanks for the kind words regarding the BuiltLean website. We spend a lot of time and effort on creating the best free articles and videos we can.

        Regarding your question, I don’t think the approach for someone your age would vary much differently than someone twice your age. I suggest checking out my Get Lean Guide if you haven’t already and also my How To Get Ripped article.

    2. Kristian
      June 7, 2012 #

      Thank you. Also I am trying not to eat bread, pasta and rice as they can be stored as fat very easily can they not? So I was wondering what you would suggest as a replacement for them?

      1. June 7, 2012 #

        @Kristian – There are different philosophies about fat loss where most people believe it’s about calories (energy balance theory) and some believe it’s about limiting carbs (carbohydrate hypothesis), but the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. So no, I don’t think bread, pasta, and rice makes you fat, but too much of each is probably not helping. For more info, check out this post on carbohydrates.

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