FitLinks: Are Women More Attracted To Fit Men?

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In February 2012, the top fitness articles ranged from new research that explores female attraction to fit men, how exercise can help keep energy levels high at work, to exploring how much exercise we really need to stay healthy – and it’s A LOT less than you think.

In case you were wondering about the answer to the question, “Are women more attracted to fit men?”, the answer is “kind of.” Women are attracted to fit, healthy men who are also relaxed. More on that article below, which has some interesting insights into human psychology and instincts.

Fitness News & Research | February 2012

  • Women Find Healthier, Less-Stressed Men More Attractive (well & good nyc)

  • 3 Minutes of Exercise Per Week Can Keep You Fit? (bbc)

  • Should A Primary Care Physician Who Is Overweight Give Health Advice? (science daily)

  • Massage Reduces Inflammation Following Hard Exercise (sciencemag)

  • Low-Protein Diet May Cause Muscle Loss – Duh! (nytimes)

  • People Who Exercise Experience Greater Levels of Excitement (

  • What We Eat Can Alter Brain Regions That Regulate Body Weight (healthnews)

  • Fat Loss Pathway Is Heavily Influenced By Hormone Produced In The Heart (sanford burnam)

  • First Lady’s Fitness Crusade to Get America Moving (reuters)

  • How Burning Calories Avoids Burnout At Work (psych central)

  • Nutrition Labeling in Fast Food Restaurants “Useless”? (timeslive)

  • Sugar – “Attacking” Health Globally? (medical news)

  • General Fitness Articles | February 2012

  • Can People Really Be Fit & Fat? (greatist)

  • Paleo Spaghetti: Pasta Made Healthy Using Squash (nerd fitness)

  • How To Bulk | Men’s Fitness Q&A (men’s fitness)

  • Must-See Fitness Videos | February 2012

  • Advanced Total Body Workout With Exercises You’ve Never Seen (Youtube – Functional Patterns)

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    1. March 7, 2012 #

      I would have to say that women are attracted to fit man the same way as men are attracted to fit women. I would definitely never be attracted to someone who is not fit, simply because I would feel like they don’t respect their own body.

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