FitLinks: Fitness Regimen of #1 Golfer

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March was a busy month for fitness news, which ranged from “Coregasms” to how keeping your hands cool while working out can increase exercise capacity. In case you were wondering, a coregasm is when a women experiences an orgasm simply by doing certain core exercises. A coregasm study published in March spread like wildfire across the web and even on TV.

Possibly the most interesting article this month was about the fitness regimen of the world’s #1 golfer Rory McIlroy. Rory went from a skinny golfer to a more muscular and powerful athlete in only a couple of years. The transformation helped propel him to the #1 spot in the world. How his problem areas were identified and the reasons why beefing up has helped his golf game are very interesting. You can find that article under the “General Fitness Article” section below.

Fitness News & Research | March 2012

  • ‘Coregasm’ or Orgasm With Exercise Is Real, Says Kinsey Study (abc news)

  • Cool hands may be the key to increasing exercise capacity (

  • Metabolic Output Profoundly Influenced By Circadian Rhythms (medical news today)

  • Can Chocolate Help Keep You Lean? (npr)

  • No Major Change in Americans’ Exercise Habits in 2011 (gallup)

  • How to Best Help Your Child Lose Weight: Lose Weight Yourself (ucsd news)

  • Gene Mutation Causes Uncontrolled Obesity (medical news today)

  • New USDA Nutrition Labels for Meat, Poultry (web md)

  • Most Weight Loss Supplements Are Not Effective (science daily)

  • Smell of Food Affects How Much You Eat | Strong Smell, Less Appetite (biomed central)

  • Overweight, obese adults use electronic device to stick to diet exercise (

  • General Fitness Articles | March 2012

  • How Exercise Can Change Your DNA (time magazine)

  • Keeping your lower back pain-free (chicago tribune)

  • The Fitness Secret of the World’s No. 1 Golfer (the post game)

  • Boost Nutrition With These Food Pairings (mother earth news)

  • Must-See Fitness Videos | March 2012

    Nothing to report this month. If you saw a great video, let us know!

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    1. fitness
      April 5, 2012 #

      Regarding the “No major change in exercise habits” article: If people could only realize the potential damaging effects to their health by not exercising, perhaps more would start to take action. More programs to increase awareness of the benefits of increased activity are needed.

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