FitLinks: Build Muscle Without Heavy Weights?

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From new research demonstrating muscle can be gained with just body weight exercises to how to train around bulging disk injuries, there was a wide spectrum of fitness news, articles, and videos in April 2012.

Regarding the muscle building study, researchers from McMaster university tested the muscle building effect of variables such as volume, intensity, and muscle time-under-tension. They found that in resistance-trained young men, a lower workout intensity and a higher volume of repetitions performed until failure was equally effective in stimulating muscle proteins as a heavy workout intensity at lower repetition rates. If you’ve seen very muscular guys who just do body-weight training, these finding may not be such a surprise. For more on this research, check out the full article below.

Fitness News & Research | April 2012

  • Muscle Gain Possible Without Lifting Heavy Weights (sciencedaily)

  • America’s Obesity Epidemic Significantly Worse Than Previously Believed (medicalnews)

  • Genetic Regulator of Fat Metabolism and Muscle Fitness Discovered (sciencedaily)

  • Shorter More Intense Workouts May Be Healthier (foxnews)

  • Exercise Improves Sexual Satisfaction (psychologytoday)

  • Lack of Sleep Linked to Higher Body Fat (eurekaalert)

  • Obesity May Have Greater Economic Cost More Than Smoking (lww)

  • Watercress may help prevent workout damage (bbb news)

  • General Fitness Articles | April 2012

  • Cardio Training Tips For Maximum Fat Loss (mensfitness)

  • Nutrition Coverage Under Fire (cjr)

  • 6 Strategies for Correcting Bad Posture (ericcressey)

  • Health Benefits of Eggs (foxnews)

  • The Fast Food Chains Whose Customers Exercise The Least (huffingtonpost)

  • Must-See Fitness Videos | April 2012

  • Youtuber Modifies Exercise Bike to Play Mario Cart (gameinformer)

  • Training Around Disc Herniations (ericcressey)

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    9 Comments on “FitLinks: Build Muscle Without Heavy Weights?

    1. May 3, 2012 #

      Oh yeah! I finally found what I’m looking for: “Muscle Gain Possible Without Lifting Heavy Weights”. Thank you so much! I’m afraid of going to gym and lifting heavy weights.

    2. Francis
      May 5, 2012 #

      Yay Mark!!..I work out without weights and i have say that it is great..Maybe not as great as using weights but it’s not far off..My only problem is the variety of exercises..Pls can you list a couple of exercises based on the target area..Thank You!!

      1. May 8, 2012 #

        @Francis – I plan on adding a small exercise library soon, but my favorite body weight exercises are:

        Push ups + Variations
        Pull Ups + Variations
        -Bodyweight squats (can also add weighted vest for a little more resistance, but it still won’t be “heavy”)
        -Lunges (front, side etc.)< -Jump Squats/li>
        Jump Lunges
        -Sprinting/running up hills

    3. Ethan hayab
      May 18, 2012 #

      Marc my main concern is losing the fat around my abdorminal area any ideas??

      1. May 18, 2012 #

        @Ethan hyab – The best place to start is reading my free Get Lean Guide, which will teach you how to lose fat without losing muscle. Losing fat is a process where fat is broken down in the body because of a calorie deficit, meaning you need to eat less calories than you burn to lose fat. Furthermore, where the fat comes off from is genetically predetermined and you cannot control it. The solution? Lose fat without losing muscle!

    4. Nitin
      August 19, 2012 #

      I do as many as 300 Hindu pushups a day .. basically 3 times of 100 pushups.. in reps of 10 or 15. Is that gonna be good enough to get a ripped body? I dont have time to join a gym as I have a full packed college schedule.

      1. August 23, 2012 #

        @Nitin – Please check out my free Get Lean Guide for some basic information on fat loss.

    5. Markus
      September 18, 2012 #

      hey mark…m planning to build chest muscles…what are the fastest ways or exercises to build chest muscles w/o the lifting of heavy weights?…

      Thanks Bro’

      1. September 20, 2012 #

        @Markus – Push ups. A lot of them.

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