FitLinks: 30 Minutes of Exercise May Be As Good As 1 Hour

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While the expression “less is more” seems to apply to everything but exercise, August saw a slew of articles come out discussing whether exercising for longer periods of time is actually more beneficial to you than simply making sure you just exercise 30 minutes each day.

We all know how important fitness and nutrition is, but recent news has shown how much it impacts our bodies onward into old age, as well as how much it can shape kids during their elemental years, so we’ve included some interesting articles on both. Additionally, since we just posted an article with exercises for early morning workouts, we found some great instructional videos that will help you if you plan to try them out!

Fitness News & Research | August 2012

  • Nutrition Centered Day Care Helps Shape Kids’ Habits (

  • Stanford Researchers’ Cooling Glove ‘Better Than Steroids’ – And Helps Solve Physiological Mystery, Too (Stanford University)

  • 30 Minutes of Exercise May Be As Good As 1 Hour (Fox News )

  • Statement By The Egg Nutrition Center and American Egg Board On Recently Published Research On Egg and Cholesterol Consumption (The Sacramento Bee)

  • Secret To Active 80s? Fitness-Heavy 40s (ABC News)

  • General Fitness Articles | August 2012

  • How To Read a Nutrition Label (Fox News)

  • Debunking Common Nutrition Myths (

  • During Exercise, Body Needs Water, But Also Sodium, Potassium (Wausau Daily Herald)

  • The Secret To Sticking With Exercise (

  • CrossFit: Redefining Fitness Inside and Outside the Box (Huffington Post)

  • What Happens To Our Brains During Exercise (And Why It Makes Us Happier) (Lifehacker)

  • Must-See Fitness Videos | August 2012

  • Cross Training Core Body Exercises : How to do a Windmill Core (expertvillage)

  • Plyometrics Workout Exercise: How to do a Squat Jump (strengthproject)

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    5 Comments on “FitLinks: 30 Minutes of Exercise May Be As Good As 1 Hour

    1. Ron
      September 4, 2012 #

      Very interesting articles. Thanks for the collection of great information in one place!

    2. Carlos
      September 4, 2012 #

      Hello Marc,
      I read the article about During Exercise, Body Needs Water, But Also Sodium, Potassium. So eating a banana pre workout would be the solution + drinking water while exercising, wouldn’t like the drink a supplement.
      Thank you.

    3. David
      September 5, 2012 #

      Hi Marc,

      Great site with lots of good info. I see a lot of pics of you looking ripped and you mention your LBM and Weight etc. So I can compare and aim for myself I was just wondering what height you are?

      I am 6ft so I dont know what if your stats of LBM (155) and weight (167) that I read from one of your posts would be an equivalent target for me at my height?


      1. September 5, 2012 #

        @David – My height is 5’11”. My guess is an LBM of around 145-155lb should be achievable for most men around 6 feet. If you have more than that, well then you’ve got good genetics and you are probably working pretty hard in the gym.

    4. David
      September 5, 2012 #

      Thanks Marc, just the type of info I needed, appreciate it.

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