NO2? Hormone Boosters? Should You Take Them? | Q&A Weekly Roundup

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If you’re working out and looking into fitness supplements, there’s a good chance you’ve run across hormone boosters and NO2 marketed as good ways to give you more energy, higher workout efficiency, etc. Since some of these products can have serious side effects, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it to take them or not. We’ve looked into this question this week as well as some other great inquiries about elliptical use, knee pain and lifting, and protein suitable for vegans. As always, hope this Q&A provides some interesting food for thought!

Here’s the short list of questions based on topic:

  • NO2? Hormone Boosters? Should You Take Them?
  • Does the Elliptical Help Tighten Your Glutes?
  • How to Train Your Legs With Knee Pain
  • Find A Workout To Stick With
  • Protein for Vegans?
  • Question #1 | NO2? Hormone Boosters? Should You Take Them?

    Question: Hi Mark,I have this question that has been making me crazy for the past few days and I would be really thankful if you can answer it… What do you think about NO2 and hormone boosters? I’ve been hearing about these 2 supplement products everywhere and I want to know what you think about them… – Julio

    Answer: Hey Julio, I discussed nitrous oxide supplements in a weekly Q&A a couple of weeks ago => Are Subway Sandwiches Healthy? Q&A Weekly Roundup. Short answer is that I don’t think they are necessary to get impressive results. Regarding hormone boosters, like HGH, I would definitely stay away from that stuff. For example, HGH has serious side affects and is not intended to be taken unless under the supervision of a doctor. Over time, you will get the results you want with consistent effort, proper nutrition, and effective exercise. My opinion is that these supplements, which are often promoted with questionable, or flat out inaccurate health claims are a distraction. -Marc
    – Marc (Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT)

    Question #2 | Does the Elliptical Help Tighten Your Glutes?

    Question: Please give me your opinion on the elliptical (See: Elliptical vs. Treadmill: Which is Better?). I thought it did a better job than the treadmill of tightening the butt? I was told this many years ago. I run on treadmill & outside. I do elliptical just to change up my program & focus on rear end. I also do weights 2-3 x per week. Focus on squats, lunges, leg extension etc. I’ve also added Pilates 1x per week. Firming the butt seems to be the most challenging thing… Sometimes I do the gauntlet as well. Thoughts? – Pam

    Answer: @Pam – Firming up the buttocks (which in my mind means losing fat and/or building some muscle) requires doing leg exercises as you are doing, then creating a calorie deficit. I certainly wouldn’t rely on an elliptical to help “firm” your glutes, leg exercises like deep squats and walking lunges are far more effective. Also, running outside will burn a lot more calories and work your glutes more than a treadmill (especially if you sprint). Also, keep in mind an exercise cannot remove fat off a certain part of your body (i.e. lunges do not remove fat off your legs), that’s not how fat is lost physiologically. Good luck!

    –Marc (Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT)

    Question #3 | How to Train Your Legs With Knee Pain

    Question: Hey Marc, My knees aren’t very strong, which means that I often get injuries from heavy leg workouts. Doing squats or lunges more than once a week is killing for my knees. Is there a way to compensate for not being able to train my legs as often as I would like? – Marc

    Answer: “@Marc – I would do the following if I were you:

    1) Get an assessment from a knowledgeable personal trainer, or physical therapist which includes a posture screen and movement screen. Many knee issues are caused by tight/dysfunctional muscles surrounding the knee, and even possibly in the hip/foot.

    2) Don’t lift heavy with your legs. It’s really not necessary to get lean and fit. Decrease the weight, do more reps, you’ll get a great muscle burn without sacrificing your joints.

    3) If the pain continues, I would talk to a doctor and possibly get an MRI to get to the bottom of the issue. I know from experience unfortunately that it’s better to get to the root of the problem fast than to dance around it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Good luck!

    – Marc (Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT)

    Question #4 | Find A Workout To Stick With

    Question: Hey, I am 34 year old male & I weigh 125 kg. Please help me I am sick of being FAT! Plus I need to get stuck into training & workouts so I can lose weight fast… any tips for me please :-) – Michael

    Answer: Losing weight isn’t a fast process, but requires patience, consistency, as well as support. Regardless though it is very possible so long as you have a goal set. For starters you can check out the Get Lean Guide on, as well as a variety of articles on the website. Also, if you are interested in a workout routine you can have a go at the BuiltLean Program. Which ever route you take, remember you have the support of the BuiltLean community, so you won’t be alone in your journey to lose weight.

    – Kwesi ( Kwesi Peters )

    Question #5 | Protein For Vegans?

    Question: I want to improve the shape of my body – Now I’m 187lbs & I want to get it near 155lbs, but my problem that I want to take a whey protein isolate that contains no egg, meat, beef, etc as I am a pure vegan. Can you please help me out as to which one should I take! – Guprit

    Answer: Hey Gurprit, there are no whey protein isolates that are not derived from whey, which is a milk based product. The best option I’ve heard for vegans is Sun Warrior protein. I don’t endorse that protein because I still need to do a lot more due diligence on it, but many people I know and trust use it, so it’s something to consider. Good luck!

    – Marc (Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT)

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    10 Comments on “NO2? Hormone Boosters? Should You Take Them? | Q&A Weekly Roundup

    1. Seb
      October 14, 2012 #

      -. Does lifting weights do anything do your growth/height?

      – The height that you would really be but you are shorter say 5 ’11 but you only become 5’8 , because,you lifted weights is that possible?

      1. October 18, 2012 #

        @Seb – there is some research on it if you look around pubmed, but it’s usually younger than 13 years old and heavy lifting. Weights does not affect height for teenagers, that’s a myth.

    2. Akshay
      October 15, 2012 #

      First Phase of the workout Breaking in is for the people who havent worked out in a while.
      Is this phase required or should be followed as per the guide even if i Work out 5 days week for last one year.
      My body is used to execises then how the First phanse will help me.

      1. October 15, 2012 #

        @Ashkay – I saw your quesiton in our support center as well. Please follow the first phase using 3 sets for each exercise. Spend the extra time focusing on getting your nutrition right. The break in phase is for both people haven’t worked out and experienced exercisers because it’s a different type of workout.

    3. October 16, 2012 #

      Hi Marc! Your articles and replies are so well written with solid information and a friendly tone. I love reading everything on your website. Keep up the great work! Your prompt response to your readers show how much you care about each individual. That is one thing that sets you apart from other fitness websites.

      1. October 19, 2012 #

        Nomayne – Thanks for the kind words!

    4. David
      October 16, 2012 #

      Hi Marc just a quick question please, how tall are you? You wrote you´re 170 lb so I am wondering how tall you have to be to have ripped body like yours at your weight…

      1. October 19, 2012 #

        @David – I’m 5’11”

    5. Saul
      October 17, 2012 #

      Why is running outside more effective that doing it on the treadmill? I didn’t get that

    6. Seb
      October 24, 2012 #

      oh sorry i didnt see marc respond to this comment thats why you said you already asnwered my question oh now it all makes sense !

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