FitLinks: 35 Nutrition Experts To Follow On Twitter

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October saw a ton of articles about health and fitness come out: beyond the usual news on how exercise affects our bodies and the range of its benefits, there were a bunch of reviews on fitness products and apps. If you plan to try any out, hopefully these articles will give you a place to start. They should be especially helpful since we are getting into the gift-giving season. Just like our Vibram’s review with a buying guide, it makes it much easier to choose what to buy if you have somewhere to start and some helpful hints. If you have family and friends who want to get into shape, these reviews have some cool tips to help decide what they might use.

And, since we all tend to get busy as the year is ending, it helps to know exactly where to look for ideas and insights on diet and nutrition. If you use twitter, you can check up on fun things to do to keep in shape as the weather gets colder and holiday food starts to appear. Hope you find something new to spark your interest in this list of October’s popular articles & keep you working out as we work our way towards winter.

Fitness News & Research | October 2012

  • 35 Diet and Nutrition Experts You Need To Follow On Twitter (Huffington Post)

  • Exercise Could Boost The Immune System, Study Suggests (Huffington Post)

  • How Exercise Can Help You Master New Skills (

  • Exercise Keeps Stress Away, Study Finds (San Francisco Chronicle)

  • A Genetic Test For Exercise? (

  • The Proposed Nutrition Label: A Quick Read, Out Front (NY Times)

  • Obesity Epidemic: Smartphone Fitness Apps Don’t All Work Out (ABC News)

  • Product Review: Wahoo Fitness Run/Gym Pack for iPhone (

  • Larklife Fitness Wristband Tracks Your Diet, Sleep, Exercise, and More (Slashgear)

  • General Fitness Articles | October 2012

  • For Maximum Diet And Exercise Benefits, Timing Is Everything (

  • Drumming Exercises Provide Full Body Workout (Huffington Post)

  • Exercise in Disguise (

  • What’s More Important: Sleep or Exercise? (Real Simple Blog)

  • Exercise Intensity: How Should You Measure It? (Huffington Post)

  • Subway Nutrition Facts (Fast Food Nutrition)

  • Experts Say…How Do You Handle The Barrage of Food and Nutrition Claims? (The Kitchn)

  • Are These 3 Nutritional Assumptions leading You Astray? (The Kitchn)

  • 2.5 Mins. Of Exercise Can Burn 200 Cals. Study (New York Daily News)

  • Must-See Fitness Videos | October 2012

  • Less Exercise, More Weight Loss (CBS News)

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