Should I Measure Calories Burned From Exercise?

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As we are about to head into December, while the weather for many is getting much colder, we are pleased to see many questions relating to exercise and whether or not you should measure calorie burn from exercise to whether it’s a good idea to workout 2x per day. For answers to these and other questions, please read below.

Here’s the short list of questions based on topic:

Question #1 | Should I Measure Calories Burned From Exercise?

Question: I was wondering if someone could weigh in on the debate about eating back exercise calories. I know that many online fitness websites already calculate the calorie deficit you need to reach your goals when they give you your daily recommended caloric intake. Is it better to eat back some or all of the calories you burn from exercise, or should you try to maintain a regular daily caloric intake regardless of how many calories you burn from exercise? – Matt
Answer: Hey Matt,
It really depends on your overall goal. For losing weight, I think it’s easier to not even include the calories from exercise. If you’re on a moderate calorie deficit than the exercise shouldn’t make a huge impact on creating a huge calorie deficit. Also, by not counting these “exercise deficit” calories, you allow yourself some leeway in not any possible under-estimating of caloric intake (which happens often), while also being able to create a more consistent eating plan. If on the other hand, you’re trying to gain muscle/weight, I would definitely include the calories from exercise. For more, check out this article on How to Calculate Calorie Burn.

John ( John Leyva, CSCS, CPT)

Question #2 | Why No Focus on Woman In The Get Lean Guide?

Question: I am curious to know why you do not focus on any women in the Get Lean Guide? – Denise
Answer: Hi Denise,
I used to have a women’s version of the Get Lean Guide, but then took it down. I found it difficult to speak to men and women at the same time and was unwilling to create both a female and male version of my BuiltLean Program because I think for the most part men/women should use very similar, if not the same training programs. 95% of the principles I describe in the current Get Lean Guide also apply to women and at the end of the day, I think the BuiltLean Program can be used by both men and women, but as of now it’s marketed primarily to men. The fact that BuiltLean is a male oriented brand is a topic that I’m exploring and need to contemplate. We have A LOT of female fans who really enjoy our articles and videos, so thank you for your question!

Marc ( Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT)

Question #3 | Is It Good to Workout 2x Per Day?

Question: My question is: Is it good to work out twice a day? To lose fat mainly – Javier
Answer: Hi Javier,
It would depend more on your fitness level, as well as the type of workouts whether or not it would be a good idea to work out twice a day. If you are just starting out, I’d suggest sticking to a light workout once a day to give your body enough rest in between the specific workout performed, or a few workouts per week. Working out twice a day can mean, doing cardio and then going to lift weights or vice versa, which is manageable and done by many fitness enthusiasts. Here at BuiltLean, we emphasize efficient and intense workouts, so you certainly don’t need to workout 2x per day to get exceptional results.

Kwesi (Kwesi Peters, CPT, Community Manager)

Question #4 | How to Get Rid of Lower Abs Fat?

Question: Marc, I am trying to get a lean ripped looking body, im 5’7″ and have lost about 4-5 pounds recently and gotten down to 128, but this is under my ideal weight, my chest is looking more toned i can see, the rest of my body has virtually no fat, however no matter how much weight i lose, my waist area (lower stomach) looks the same, there is a little fat i cant get rid of, while my recent 10 lb weight loss seems to have shown on the rest of my body. i eat healthily, my workouts are short and very intense, is there anything i can do? or should i just quit trying to lose weight before i lose too much? – Matt
Answer: Hey Matt, the lower abs fat is among the most difficult to get rid of, because it means you are getting to a low body fat level. The lower your body fat level, the harder it is to get leaner. Whether or not you want to continue losing fat without losing muscle is your choice, but eventually, the fat should come off even your lower abs. I would recommend creating as much precision as possibly with your nutrition program. For more information, check out my article on How to Get Ripped.

Marc ( Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT)

Question #5 |Can I Start Exercising With A Back Injury?

Question: Hi Marc,
I have been out of shape for the past 4 years, i had a back injury in football and got out of shape eating poorly, drinking a lot of alcohol each weekend. I’m 22 about 5 ft 8 and am getting a beer belly and man boobs!! I’m seriously ready for a change. Where would you suggest to start considering i am a completely unfit as unfit can be? Thanks Liam – Liam
Answer: Liam—
Because you had a back injury playing football, the first thing you should do before starting any exercise program is get checked out by a doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor. They’ll be able to tell you what is and isn’t good for your body right now. There might be exercises you should avoid doing because of muscular imbalances or because they could cause injury.

After that, a great starting point would be the free Get Lean Guide, or the BuiltLean Program, both of which offer progressive workouts and cardio programs to help you lose body fat and get back in shape. They also give nutrition advice, which is key since nutrition accounts for 80% of the results you’ll get from your workout program. Good luck!
Kristin ( Kristin Rooke, CSCS, CPT)

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  1. mary
    December 1, 2012 #

    I know a couple of women who have been on or are currently using your built lean program. They look good, quite feminine, and strong.

  2. Fancy
    December 4, 2012 #

    Hello. I am a 19 year old women and am 5 ft 6 in. I am only 126 lbs but have a quite big stomach and flabby love handles. I am always dieting (eating about 900-1200 calories a day) but no matter how much weight I lose, the fat is still there. Do you have any suggestions for me?

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