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How To Improve Shoulder Mobility For Front Squats?

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No matter if you’re starting a new workout program or continuing a routine you’ve had for years, there are always little extra things that can help improve performance. Whether you’re looking to improve mobility, bulk up, add more variation to your exercise routine, or cut down your calories, there are ways to do it. We share a few tips on this, and more, in this Q & A roundup.

  1. How to improve shoulder mobility for Front Squats?
  2. Builtlean should I do this every day, or every other day?
  3. I live in Australia. Can I order the BuiltLean Program?
  4. If I want to bulk up, can I exercise both type 1 and type 2 muscles?
  5. I need to cut down my calories – how?

Question #1 – How to improve shoulder mobility for Front Squats?

Question: Do you have any tips for bringing the elbows up higher, and keeping a good rack position during the front squat (and keeping the elbows up while lowering the weight, for when you do heavy jerks for reps, or push presses)? I’ve mostly been working on mobility but maybe the problem is some muscle imbalance or lack of activation. Also is there something good for improving shoulder mobility for full snatches and squat jerks? (See: Proper Squat Form Video – How to do proper squat technique? ) – Valerio
 How Do You Measure Muscle Gain?
Answer: I wouldn’t recommend doing “”heavy jerks,” or push presses, for reps. With that said, sometimes keeping the elbows high is a lack of flexibility in your shoulders, sometimes, it’s just the nature of your limb structure, sometimes it’s lack of flexibility in your wrists and arms. I like to use a softball (but I know others like a smaller ball) to foam roll your lats, chest, biceps and forearms. Definitely also stretch your wrists and hold the bar with a stretch either under load or without a load, hold the bar and stretch your wrists.

You should also probably imagine your elbows attached to strings hanging from the ceiling when performing front squats.

Improving shoulder mobility would be the same advice, while also including some thoracic extensions (upper back) over the foam roller and possible thoracic/shoulder mobility work such as side-lying rotation and trunk stability rotation.

- John Leyva (Kristin, CPT, CHC)

Question #2 – Builtlean: should I do this every day, or every other day?

Question: Builtlean – should I do this exercise circuit every day, or every other day? What is the rest period for this routine?? I dont want to do too much or too little (Youtube Push-up/Ab Circuit Video) – Klyde
 How Do You Measure Muscle Gain?
Answer: Klyde, I would recommend that you do this workout 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days. Rest for 1-2 minutes between each circuit. Remember, you want to work all of your muscle groups every week. BuiltLean primarily uses total body workouts for the greatest fat burning effect. You can do this push-up/ab circuit as? part of a total body workout, otherwise be sure to include back and leg exercises at some point during the week as well.

- Kristin (Kristin Rooke, CSCS, CPT)

Question #3 – I live in Australia. Can I order the BuiltLean Program?

Question: Hi,
Is your program suitable for people in other countries, i.e I’m in Australia? Can I use it here? – Theo
 How Do You Measure Muscle Gain?
Answer: Hey Theo,

Yes, absolutely! We have tons of customers from Australia. The BuiltLean Program (www.builtlean.com/workout-plan/ is a digital program, which means it can be used anywhere in the world. There are no materials and thus no shipping & handling. You get instant access when you purchase the product.

One of the reasons why the program is so powerful and effective is it’s based on guidelines and principles, so no matter what types of foods you have available, you should still be able to follow it. We have a success story from Australia (John – Six pach 50 years old ) that I encourage you to check out.

If you have any more questions about the program, you can leave a comment, or use our contact center ( Contact Center ).


- Marc Perry ( Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT)

Question #4 -If I want to bulk up, what should I do?

Question: I have been reading the articles on your site and I have gleaned a lot of useful information. I will be a constant reader now. I have one question though. I currently do high-rep classes like bodypump. If I want to bulk up, can I exercise both type 1 and type 2 muscles at different times during the week or should I focus on only type 2 for the biggest gains? – Michael
 How Do You Measure Muscle Gain?
Answer:The way your muscles work is somewhat of a hierarchy, so if you are working your type II muscle fibers, or your fast twitch muscles, your type 1 muscles (slow twitch) have also been recruited as well (See: Muscle Fibers Types). The more intense an activity is, the more type II muscles are utilized.

I would suggest giving yourself a day in between during high intense workouts that work the majority of your muscle fibers, since they need time to recover. In terms of bulking up, high rep can work, as long as you slowly increase the volume of the workouts, in other words, you do more reps, or more sets of a given exercise with the same, or more weight. You need to force your body to get bigger by adding more stimulus than it is used to. This increase in volume must also be combined with an increase in calories as well.

- Kwesi (Kwesi Peters, CPT, Community Manager)

Question #5 – I need to cut down my calories?

Question: Hey Marc..I am 5’9 tall and currently 150lbs. I started at 135 lbs last November and I’ve been eating 3000 calories to bulk and now after 7 weeks I am 150 lbs. I am learning how to get lean/ripped now..do I need to cut down my calories? I signed up for your email by the way. I think im getting too much of a layer of fat on my tummy – I need help. – Elfie
 How Do You Measure Muscle Gain?
Answer: Getting lean/ripped requires a low body fat percentage, therefore you should cut down on your daily caloric intake. For more information on advanced techniques to lose that last 5lb of body fat, check out this – How to get ripped and cut.

- Kwesi (Kwesi Peters, CSCS, CPT)

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