FitLinks: Can Your Breath Predict Weight Gain?

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bottles-lg A recent study from Cedars-Sinai claims that a breath test could tell you how susceptible you are to becoming obese. How? The test is a profile of the microorganisms living inside your gut; while generally the organisms living inside our digestive system benefit our health, the problem is when you have too much of one type that extracts nutrients from food more efficiently, contributing to weight gain. The preliminary studies show that those who have high concentrations of both hydrogen & methane gasses are more likely to have a higher body mass index, plus a higher percentage of body fat.

This week’s news includes more studies on both weight gain & genes and how much eating protein with breakfast effects what you eat for the rest of the day; we’ve also got some cool articles on the best channels to find fitness videos, a look at the fred of new boutique gyms popping up, and a video that shows how you can incorporate a little bit of March Madness into your workout.

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Here’s a video from CNN that, in the theme of a little March Madness, demonstrates how basketball can supplement cardio exercises:

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