FitLinks: Only 20% Of Adults Get Enough Exercise

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worklate.ashxRecent studies show that just one in five American adults meets both the aerobic and muscle-strengthening components of the physical activity guidelines issued by the federal government. That’s only 20% of the population. Since exercise lowers the risk of things like stroke, heart disease, and depression, 20% certainly reads as a low number.

We also have news about games that can help children meet their fitness recommendations, healthy foods to grill over the summer, and some amazing athletic events that occur when the weather heats up. One very interesting article to check out is about how men and women burn fuel differently due to how our hearts react to stress.

Please Note: The articles and videos listed below are informative, popular, newsworthy, or a combination of all three. Just because we have included an article within FitLinks does not necessarily mean that BuiltLean supports, or agrees with its contents or views. If you have a question about our position on any article, please leave a comment and we will be happy to respond!


1. Only 20% Of U.S. Adults Get Enough Exercise (Medical News Today)

2. Do Men’s and Women’s Hearts Burn Fuel Differently? (Science Daily)

3. The Truth About Trans Fats (ABC News)

4. Children Shun Obesity (Medical News Today)

5. Study Says “Active Videogames” Can Improve Kids’ Health(Science Daily)


1. Can Statins Cut the Benefits of Exercise? (NY Times)

2. Athletes Beat The Great Wall (The Adrenalist)

3. The Worst Gluten-Free Mistakes (Huffington Post)

4. 4 Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think (US News)

5. 27 Unexpected Foods To Grill This Summer (Greatist)


Since summer’s coming into swing with Memorial Day weekend and many people are starting to travel, we’ve got a video from Justin Price (whose great interview with us is coming soon) on how to alleviate back pain from sitting for hours in a car or plane:

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