FitLinks: Exercise Can Turn Bad Fat Into Good Fat

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Workout You have more than one type of fat in your body. There is white fat from excess calories that functions as energy storage. Then, there is brown fat, that burns through calories to generate heat. Why do you want more brown fat? Browner fat is associated with a better body composition and lower overall fat mass. And, the best part of brown fat is that recent research finds that exercise can help “bad” fat transform into a form of “good” fat that is more metabolically active.

Other interesting articles this week expound on whether flip flops might be bad for your health, how to build mental toughness, and how food contaminants might affect your metabolism. If you’re spending time and energy to keep yourself fit, we hope these articles help you find the most effective ways to do it.

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Want to know just why is brown fat so healthy? Find out the basics about brown fat, the difference between “brown” and “bad,” and what it means when you can turn “bad” fat into good through working out:

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