BuiltLean Digest June 2013

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This June, things have kept changing at BuiltLean. Not only did we hit another month of daily content, as well as bring on another great contributor, but are working hard behind the scenes to include new types of articles and start incorporating more video into the mix.

You can certainly write about exercise to explain it, but seeing a visual is powerful and helpful in showing exactly how you are supposed to move your body. And, as always, the point of creating all our content is to make fitness as easy and manageable as possible to everyone who lives a busy life and wants to keep fit. We hope that as summer continues to heat up, the information you find on BuiltLean helps you stick to your fitness plan and inspires you to find new ways to enjoy exercise and take care of your body.


Most Shared Can Exercise Reverse Aging?

image-1 Caroline Young’s interesting and well-researched article on whether exercise can really reverse aging generated almost 300 likes on Facebook and was one of the most shared articles of the month.

Most CommentsWhat Is The Best BCAA Supplement?

image-2 Dr. Charlie Seltzer explored the benefits of a BCAA supplement in this article, which saw a ton of comments as supplements are one of the most complex topics in the health and fitness field.

Highest RatedFree Weights vs. Machines: Which Is Better?

strength-circuits-2 Steve Bergeron wrote a great article on the difference in results you can expect between free weights and machines, which shows in its high rating of 5.0/5 from our readers.


BuiltLean Content Updates

As our content develops with new contributors and more articles, BuiltLean plans to incorporate more news and timely articles into our content. If you read the BuiltLean site, not only should it be informative and helpful, but also inclusive of the larger conversation in the fitness field, which we hope to bring up to speed shortly.

BuiltLean Contributor News

Jonathan Serfaty

Jonathan Serfaty joins the BuiltLean team as a contributor and research intern. Jon is currently in finance as a quantitative analyst in NYC. He’s an aspiring fitness professional who has impressive research skills and strong desire to help others, and we’re thrilled to bring him onboard.


We love getting comments from our growing BuiltLean community and we are grateful for everyone’s participation. If one of our articles inspires you to give a little more your next workout, or try something new, let us know. We’ve had some great feedback on articles that have come out this month and wanted to share a few of them.

1) “Fantastic, Caroline! As I am now on the slow slide into 50, I’ve become more aware that exercise is not just about how I look but about how I feel as well. As usual, excellent perspective from an informed journalist.”
-Jody: Can Exercise Reverse Aging?

2)“Focusing on eating whole, unprocessed foods is likely your best bet, not worrying about what an index implies is healthy.” Thank you for ending this article on that note. :D”
-Uncadonego : Is The Glycemic Index Misleading?

3) “Great article. It’s nice to see someone writing about all of the health benefits of eggs. Plus, those look like some awesome recipes! Always wondered how to poach an egg…”
-Jonathan:7 Different Ways To Cook Eggs

As usual, we look forward to reading your comments, answering your questions, and hearing your thoughts in the upcoming months as we delve into new topics!

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