FitLinks: Sensor For Instant Fat Burning Updates Comes Out

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Workout Wouldn’t it be nice to know that all your hard work exercising is paying off…instantly?

With a new sensor that monitors body fat burned, it’s possible that you can. The portable, pocket-sized sensor, works by measuring increased levels of acetone on the breath – a good indicator of when the body has begun to break down fat. Much easier than a scale.

This week we also have articles on the story of whole grains, whether or not napping is really good for you, and a cool video all about the front squat.

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1. Sensor Gives Instant Fat Burning Update (Science Daily)

2. Dannon Uses Insect Dye? (Fox News)

3. Red Wine Could Negate Benefits Of Exercise (CBS News)

4. Removing Temptation More Powerful Than Willpower (Medical News Today)

5. New Reasons To Nap (Prevention)


1. Fitness Myths Infograph (Tribesports)

2. Trouble Sleeping? This Can Help (LA Times)

3. Trendiest Vegetables For 40 Years (Huffington Post)

4. Make Healthier Choices At The Grocery (Fox News)

5. The Whole Story (The NY Times)


Squatting is one of the best strength training exercises you can do, but also one of the most common ways to injure yourself. Check out Mike Robertson’s great & quick video on the front squat:

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