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BuiltLean is your simple, efficient, and science-based guide to fitness. We exist to help you get leaner, stronger, and fitter in less time and with less hassle.

We have an 8-Week Transformation Program that requires only 3 workouts a week and is helping customers in over 100 countries get serious results. We also have hundreds of free medically-reviewed articles and videos created by our elite team of experts to help you stay motivated and reveal your potential.

With over 1.5 million visitors each month from over 190 countries and 10,000 cities combined with increasing press coverage, we are growing fast!

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Our Philosophy

While we like the look of a six-pack, we believe there is a lot more to fitness.

Here are our core principles:

  • Focus on performance, not aesthetics
  • Choose quality over quantity
  • Train movement patterns, not muscle groups
  • Eat whole foods most of the time
  • Keep it simple

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Our Team


Marc is the founder of BuiltLean and the creator of BuiltLean Transformation, an 8-Week fitness program used by customers in 100+ countries. Marc has appeared on FOX, NBC, CBS, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and Self as the go-to fitness expert for busy professionals. A former Wall Street Finance Analyst who gained over 30 pounds from a sedentary lifestyle, Marc’s mission is to inspire others to enjoy a fit lifestyle. Marc earned his B.A. from Yale University and holds numerous exercise certifications. Marc currently resides in NYC. Learn More About Marc >>

Amanda Reck
Associate Editor

John Leyva, CSCS, CPT
Technical Editor

Kristin Rooke, CPT
Lifestyle Editor

Kwesi Peters, CPT
Community Manager

Annie Massa
Social Media Associate

Stephen Bergeron, CPT
Exercise Contributor

Jessica Zack, HHC
Nutrition Contributor

Dr. Charlie Seltzer, MD
Nutrition Contributor

William Lagakos, PHD
Nutrition Contributor

Caroline Young
Nutrition Contributor

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