John Leyva


Technical Editor

John Leyva is the Technical Editor of the BuiltLean Blog and is a Trainer & Coach for BuiltLean in NYC. He holds numerous exercise certifications including NASM-CPT, NSCA-CSCS, ACSM - HFS, BioSignature Level II, among many others. He has worked as a personal trainer at several commercial facilities. Most recently, John was the Program Manager at the Liz Claiborne Health and Fitness Center where he developed hundreds of successful fat loss programs.


How Do Muscles Grow? The Science of Muscle Growth

If you’re a guy in the gym working with weights, not only are you probably trying to lose some fat, but also gain some muscle. This article discusses the mech...

Cardio Vs Weight Training: Which is Better For Weight Loss?

Duke study says cardio is better than weight training for weight loss, but is this study misleading? You be the judge.

7 Best Tips To Control Your Hunger Based on Science

Don't know how to control hunger? Here are 7 great tips that will help you control your hunger even when it may seem like you are starving.

Top 3 Hunger Hormones (& How To Control Them)

Hunger Hormones control your hunger. Find out which hormones are most important and how they affect you.

Does Alcohol Prevent Weight Loss, or Cause Fat Gain?

Did you know that alcohol consumption can decrease testosterone in men by 23%? What about how alcohol directly affects your ability to lose fat? Alcohol is deep...

How to Have A Huge Thanksgiving Feast Without Gaining Fat

No matter how healthy you keep your diet, we all have those days where things just don’t go our way: on vacation, at weddings

5 Simple Tips to Manage Stress

We all know that stress can build up quickly and cause health problems ranging from decreased energy levels to impeding weight loss. The good news is that ultim...

Is Stress Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Results?

Stress! The word alone can make you feel stressed out. If you’re among those feeling like you have too much stress and not enough time to deal with it, you’...

Whey Protein: Benefits, Risks, & Top Picks

Whey protein has gone through a number of phases over the years – from being used only by bodybuilders to now being used by athletes and casual exercisers at ...

Fish Oil Supplements 101: Fat Loss Benefits, Function, & Dosage

Out of the thousands of dietary supplements on the market, there are only a handful that deserve your consideration.  Possibly the most well-researched, safe, ...
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