Marc Perry


Founder & CEO

Marc is the creator of the BuiltLean Program and Editor-in-Chief and Producer of the BuiltLean blog and videos. A fast rising fitness star, Marc has appeared on NY1, NBC and various print and online media including Men's Fitness, Self, BusinessWeek, and BusinessInsider. A former Wall Street Finance Analyst who gained over 30 pounds from a sedentary lifestyle, Marc’s mission is to develop efficient, sustainable approaches to getting lean and fit and help educate and inspire others to improve their health. Marc earned his B.A. from Yale University and holds numerous exercise certifications. Marc's Full Bio>>

captains of crush grip set up position

Increase Grip Strength With Captains-of-Crush Grippers

This summer while I was training with a 24 kg (53 pound) kettlebell, I could barely do 10 single-arm snatches in a row. After working on my grip strength in jus...

How To Improve Posture In 5-Seconds

If you’re like most people, you sit down a lot; at work, on your commute, and at home on the couch. You also spend some time hunched over your smartphone. The...

3 Best Tips To Master Push-Up Form

A few years ago I published a video on Youtube about proper push-up form, which has since attracted over 500k+ views. You can check out the video and article he...

Beginner’s Guide to Bodyweight Training With GMB’s Ryan Hurst

I came across Ryan Hurst two years ago searching for “how to do a handstand”. Since then, I’ve watched a bunch of his videos and read several of his infor...

Learning Fitness From Babies: Original Strength Book Review

It may sound strange, but infants can help us glean insights into how we can improve our movement and fitness as adults. Last year, I learned of a book dedicate...
fitness goal ideas

25 Fitness Goals To Get In Awesome Shape

As the New Year begins, millions of people create the goal, “I want to lose X pounds this year”. In my opinion, weight loss goals are surprisingly i...

Best of BuiltLean 2014: Top 5 Articles

It’s hard to believe yet another year has gone by as BuiltLean.com is close to turning 5 years old. This year we had around 50 articles published, which is le...

49-Year-Old Man Loses 26 Pounds Of Fat

I’m excited to share with you an email I just received from Fabio from Miami, FL. Fabio has been following BuiltLean.com for a year and also completed my 8-We...

From Flabby To Ripped In 8-Weeks: John’s BuiltLean Review

I’m excited to share with you an email I just received from John who lives in London. John just completed my 8-Week Transformation Program and kindly shared h...

Dani Shugart On Exercise, Nutrition, & Disordered Eating

I’m excited to share with you an interview with Dani Shugart. Dani is a published author, figure athlete, and nationally sought-after consultant in the field ...
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