Marc Perry


Founder & CEO

Marc is the creator of BuiltLean Transformation and Editor-in-Chief and Producer of the BuiltLean blog and videos. Marc has appeared on NY1, NBC and various print and online media including Men's Fitness, Self, BusinessWeek, and BusinessInsider. A former Wall Street Finance Analyst who gained over 30 pounds from a sedentary lifestyle, Marc’s mission is to develop efficient, sustainable approaches to getting lean and fit and help educate and inspire others to improve their health. Marc earned his B.A. from Yale University and holds numerous exercise certifications. Marc's Full Bio>>


Top 10 Excuses For Not Exercising

Over the years, I’ve heard hundreds of excuses for why people don’t exercise, or skip a workout. I must admit, I’ve certainly used a bunch of ...

10 Pull Up Variations: Which Ones Can You Do?

I have a video below where I demonstrate 10 Pull Up Variations, but you can let me know what you think. My favorite back exercise by far is the pull up because ...

Get Cardiovascular Benefits WITHOUT Doing Cardio? Here’s How…

On Memorial Day, I was featured as a fitness expert on NY1 News (New York City’s local television station) discussing how to improve cardiovascular health...

Stretching Exercises: Basic Stretch Routine

What Is Stretching & Why Is It Important?

How To Get Ripped & Cut: Definitive Guide

While I spend most of my time educating people about sustainable approaches to getting a lean, strong, healthy physique, I do have an interest in the extreme of...

Empty Calories At A Grocery Store Near You!

As I’ve learned more about nutrition, I’ve become increasingly aware of the ubiquity of foods that offer almost no nutritional value whatsoever. Wha...

What Motivates You To Exercise?

The other day I had one of those long, tough days. I felt drained. The last thing I wanted to do was workout. I’m sure you know where I’m coming fro...

15-Second Balance Test: Do You Pass?

Balance is defined as the “even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady”. Balance is a very important area...

Dumbbell Hang Clean & Push Press Exercise

The barbell clean and press is a classic power lifting exercise that develops strength and power in your lower and upper body. The challenge is that it can be v...

Dynamic Stretching Routine: Best Full Body Warm Up

What is Dynamic Stretching?
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