Marc Perry


Founder & CEO

Marc is the creator of BuiltLean Transformation and Editor-in-Chief and Producer of the BuiltLean blog and videos. Marc has appeared on NY1, NBC and various print and online media including Men's Fitness, Self, BusinessWeek, and BusinessInsider. A former Wall Street Finance Analyst who gained over 30 pounds from a sedentary lifestyle, Marc’s mission is to develop efficient, sustainable approaches to getting lean and fit and help educate and inspire others to improve their health. Marc earned his B.A. from Yale University and holds numerous exercise certifications. Marc's Full Bio>>


Tom Venuto on Exercise, Nutrition, & How To Finally Stay Consistent

I’m thrilled to share with you an interview with Tom Venuto who is a best-selling author, bodybuilder, fitness coach, and all around great guy. Tom has helped...

Best Biceps Exercise For Gaining Muscle Mass

Located at the front of your upper arm, the biceps is the muscle that most people think of when they “flex” their arm muscles to show their strength. While ...

Best Plyometric Leg Exercise To Add To Your Workout Routine

Plyometrics are exercises where you try to make your muscles exert as much force as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. This combination should in...

Best Foam Rolling Exercise Every Busy Professional Should Do

When you sit at a desk for hours, hunched over a computer, it can put a big strain on your muscles. There is a way to combat this: foam rolling. Foam rolling, a...

5 Best Triceps Exercises To Build Muscle Mass

You probably know that your triceps muscle is the large muscle on the back of the upper arm. What you might not know is that the triceps is actually the largest...

Bryan Transformed His Body With BuiltLean

Results, Testimonials, & Risks Disclaimer   I’m excited to share the following success story with you. Bryan is from Dublin, Ireland and successfully...

BuiltLean Digest September 2013

Fall is a perfect time to renew goals and make fresh starts, so our writers have worked to support this with the various articles and topics this September. In ...

What Is The Best Low Impact High-Intensity Exercise?

In terms of exercise, impact and intensity are very different things. Impact is the force of your body used in an exercise; intensity is the level of power used...

BuiltLean Review: Dan Transformed His Body In 8-Weeks

Results, Testimonials, & Risks Disclaimer   I’m thrilled to share a success story with you today. Dan is a busy professional from Toronto, Canada who...

7 Best TRX Exercises To Add To Your Routine

What Is A TRX? TRX was created by navy seal Randy Hetrick who wanted to keep his body fit while away on missions. Using a belt and surplus parachute webbing, he...
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