Marc Perry


Founder & CEO

Marc is the creator of the BuiltLean Program and Editor-in-Chief and Producer of the BuiltLean blog and videos. A fast rising fitness star, Marc has appeared on NY1, NBC and various print and online media including Men's Fitness, Self, BusinessWeek, and BusinessInsider. A former Wall Street Finance Analyst who gained over 30 pounds from a sedentary lifestyle, Marc’s mission is to develop efficient, sustainable approaches to getting lean and fit and help educate and inspire others to improve their health. Marc earned his B.A. from Yale University and holds numerous exercise certifications. Marc's Full Bio>>


5 Best Leg Exercises To Build Muscle

Working your legs is one of the best ways to lose fat and gain strength, so it’s definitely important to have a good repertoire of exercises you can call on a...
25 Ways To Get Better Sleep

25 Ways To Get Better Sleep

How much difference could one more hour of sleep make? A lot, according to numerous studies done on the ways that fatigue affects our bodies.1 Not getting enoug...

50 Ways To Cut Down Your Workout Time

We all live busy lives and it can be hard to squeeze in enough time to workout to fit into your busy lifestyle. If you’re short on time, you can still hav...

7 Primal Movement Patterns For Full Body Strength

If you were alive 5,000 years ago, what do you think you would look like? My guess is that you would be lean, strong and fit, with a well proportioned body. You...

BuiltLean Workout Guidelines To Lose Fat, Not Muscle

Over many years of trial and error, our Builtlean team has developed workout guidelines to help you lose fat without losing muscle while developing a more funct...

The Ultimate Guide to Strength Circuits™

In the last several years, our BuiltLean team has created and refined a workout method, which we call strength circuits™ to burn fat without losing muscle...

Best Hamstring Exercises To Increase Strength

While it’s good to work muscle groups in combinations, sometimes you may want to target a specific muscle. Hamstring exercises can be tricky because it’s ve...
motivational images

Top 10 Motivational Images For Fitness Motivation

Motivation is the energy which powers our most impressive accomplishments and achievements. The challenge, however, is that motivation ebbs and flows. Sometimes...
fat burning zone myth

The Fat Burning Zone Myth: Don’t Be Fooled

The fat burning zone is one of the most pervasive myths in the fitness industry that just won’t go away. Magazines constantly promote workouts in the fat ...

Best Calf Stretch To Relieve Tight Calves

If you’re walking, running, or jumping, you’re using your calf muscles. During each of these movements, the calf muscle pulls the heel up to allow forward m...
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