William Lagakos



Bill has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology and is currently researching the role of diet and lifestyle in obesity, inflammation, and insulin resistance. His website, CaloriesProper.com, is dedicated to exploring the many aspects of how foods and nutrients impact energy balance, healthspan, and a variety of other outcomes. An avid fitness enthusiast, Bill promotes balance but insists there’s no such thing as “moderation” when it comes to empty calories. His academic publications have appeared in such peer-reviewed journals as American Journal of Physiology, Journal of Biological Chemistry, and Journal of Lipid Research. He is passionate about nutrition and it shows in his work.


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intermittent fasting

Does Intermittent Fasting Help You Lose Weight?

We’ve been told again and again that “grazing” (consuming 6-8 small meals per day) is the best way to eat. But is it really? Intermittent fasting is a way...

Antinutrients: What They Are & How to Cook Them Away

Did you know that there are antinutrients in many foods you eat? And that consuming them can affect your health and physical performance?
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