Fat-Burning Workouts To Get Lean & Ripped – If you are looking for fat-burning workouts to help burn as much fat as possible as efficiently as possible, you are in luck. This workout section has workouts, exercises, and workout tips. Not all workouts are created equal: we focus on strength training workouts that use strength circuits and high intensity interval training workouts. These types of workouts are incredibly efficient at helping you lose fat to get lean.


Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Review: Top 5 Benefits

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) was officially introduced in 1998 by Gray Cook and Lee Burton to rate and rank movement patterns in high school athletes. S...

7 Best TRX Exercises To Add To Your Routine

What Is A TRX? TRX was created by navy seal Randy Hetrick who wanted to keep his body fit while away on missions. Using a belt and surplus parachute webbing, he...

BuiltLean Strength Circuits Featured On CBS New York

=> View “The Fit Minute” Segment CBS New York The Couch – Fit Minute SegmentThis morning at 8:50am EST BuiltLean was featured on The Couch’s...

Jump Rope Workout Challenge: 100 Reps Under 30 Seconds

5 Minute Jump Rope Workout Here are the quick workout instructions.1 If you don’t have much time, this makes for a great workout first thing in the mornin...

Double Unders: 5 Proper Form & Technique Tips

Jumping rope is an excellent exercise to help improve stamina and conditioning, but jumping rope can get pretty boring the better you get at it. One method to m...

Ask Marc: What Is The Afterburn Effect?

What Is The Afterburn Effect? In short, the definition of the afterburn effect is calorie burn AFTER exercise. If you are doing an intense activity like sprinti...

Best Dynamic Stretching Exercise Before Your Workout

Dynamic Stretching is a phenomenal way to warm up your body before exercise. Unlike stretching in place, dynamic stretching takes the body through stretches in ...

50 Ways To Cut Down Your Workout Time

We all live busy lives and it can be hard to squeeze in enough time to workout to fit into your busy lifestyle. If you’re short on time, you can still hav...

How To Build A Home Gym For Under $200

Whether you are a workout fanatic who can’t always find the time to train in the gym or someone who doesn’t always enjoy going to a crowded and sometimes ex...

Best HIIT Treadmill Workout To Burn Fat

Want a workout you can do indoors and burn tons of fat? Read on for the best HIIT treadmill workouts!
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