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If you are looking for the best of everything in fitness, this section covers the tough questions from what’s the best leg exercise for building muscle to what the best stretch is for your hamstrings. This feature includes answers from 5 experts so you get several different perspective on each topic.


Best of BuiltLean 2014: Top 5 Articles

It’s hard to believe yet another year has gone by as BuiltLean.com is close to turning 5 years old. This year we had around 50 articles published, which is le...

Best Lower Abs Exercise To Increase Muscle Definition

While it is probably most effective to target the abs as a whole, it is possible to independently work the upper and lower abdominal muscles.1 And, for certain ...

5 Best Shoulder Exercises For Bigger Shoulders

Working your shoulders should be an important part of your training routine. Not only for looks – because bigger shoulders will create the ideal V of a strong...

5 Best Lower Back Stretches After Sitting All Day

Sitting all day is definitely not good for our backs, but since most of are stuck at a desk for 8 or more hours a day, it is inevitable that we feel stiff. The ...

What Is The Best Warm Up Routine Before A Workout?

With a busy schedule, sometimes warming up can seem like the last thing you want to do before getting into the meat of your workout. You may think that without ...

Best Biceps Exercise For Gaining Muscle Mass

Located at the front of your upper arm, the biceps is the muscle that most people think of when they “flex” their arm muscles to show their strength. While ...

Best Plyometric Leg Exercise To Add To Your Workout Routine

Plyometrics are exercises where you try to make your muscles exert as much force as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. This combination should in...

Best Foam Rolling Exercise Every Busy Professional Should Do

When you sit at a desk for hours, hunched over a computer, it can put a big strain on your muscles. There is a way to combat this: foam rolling. Foam rolling, a...

5 Best Triceps Exercises To Build Muscle Mass

You probably know that your triceps muscle is the large muscle on the back of the upper arm. What you might not know is that the triceps is actually the largest...

What Is The Best Low Impact High-Intensity Exercise?

In terms of exercise, impact and intensity are very different things. Impact is the force of your body used in an exercise; intensity is the level of power used...
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