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Fitness Expert Interviews You’ll Love – Nearly anyone can claim to be a fitness expert, but few have the knowledge and experience to really be an expert. In this section, we profile many different exercise, nutrition, and health experts to help you get the most out of your workouts and making eating healthier easier and more enjoyable. You will also find a wide range of topics and people from MMA strength and conditioning to pre and post workout nutrition.


Dani Shugart On Exercise, Nutrition, & Disordered Eating

I’m excited to share with you an interview with Dani Shugart. Dani is a published author, figure athlete, and nationally sought-after consultant in the field ...

How To Reduce Cancer Risk By 80%: Q&A With Dr. David Katz

I’m thrilled to share with you an interview with Dr. David Katz who is one of the world’s foremost experts on preventative medicine and nutrition. David Kat...

Training Tips From The World’s Greatest Athlete

This past fall I had the honor of having a private lunch with Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay at the ACE Fitness Symposium in Orlando, FL where Bryan was the k...

Bill Sonnemaker Q&A: Top Trainer & Educator

An internationally sought after exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and educator, Bill Sonnemaker MS is recognized worldwide by his peers in the health �...

Suspension Training With TRX Expert Dan McDonogh

An International Fitness Presenter and Speaker, Dan McDonogh is currently the Senior Manager of Group Training & Development at TRX in San Francisco. In 20...
Lee Boyce Reveals His Top Muscle Building Tips

Lee Boyce Reveals His Top Muscle Building Tips

Lee Boyce is a Toronto based strength coach and fitness writer who is fast rising in the fitness industry. In an interview we did last year with Lee, he describ...

Tom Venuto on Exercise, Nutrition, & How To Finally Stay Consistent

I’m thrilled to share with you an interview with Tom Venuto who is a best-selling author, bodybuilder, fitness coach, and all around great guy. Tom has helped...
Q&A With Fitness Writer & Coach JC Deen

Q&A With Fitness Writer & Coach JC Deen

JC Deen is a fitness coach, writer and singer out of Nashville, TN. He’s been seen in Men’s Health, Huffington Post Live, Men’s Fitness, Forbes, and T-Nat...

Tony Gentilcore Interview: Lifting Heavy & Staying Injury Free

Tony Gentilcore is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, and is the co-founder of Cressey Performance located just outside of Bosto...

Q&A With Strength Coach Lee Boyce

Lee Boyce is a fast-rising strength coach and fitness writer based in Toronto ON. His work is regularly published in the most popular fitness magazines, includi...
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