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FitLinks: 3 Quick & Easy Holiday Workout Ideas

The holidays are fun, but they can also be hectic, making it hard to follow your usual schedule. To make sure you fit in fitness, here are some exercises, tips,...

FitLinks: Best After Thanksgiving Workout To Try

This week, we’ve got a short & sweet list of links all related to Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoyed the holiday, spent it with family and friends, an...

FitLinks: High Blood Sugar Can Zap Brainpower

Ever had a day where you felt like you couldn’t remember a thing? One culprit for forgetfulness is high blood sugar – whether or not you have diabetes or ot...

FitLinks: High Protein Diet Helps Reduce Rebound Weight Gain

It’s effort to lose weight in the first place – and it can be extremely frustrating once you reach the maintenance phase if you rebound a bit. Because the b...

FitLinks: Fitness Rules That Winners Follow

Is consistency really the secret to success? Even the best athletes don’t always want to push that extra mile or lift the extra set, but those who come up wit...

FitLinks: How Air Travel Affects Athletic Performance

Many of us are getting ready to do a lot of traveling for the holidays, and flying can wreak havoc on our bodies. Dehydration, lack of movement, and time change...

FitLinks: 8 Things You Don’t Know About Body Fat

Body fat gets a bad rap. And for the most part, it should, if it’s in excess. However, body fat can also do some other things we actually need like give u...

FitLinks: New Research Shows Why Exercise Boosts Brain Health

Exercise is good for the brain. But why? Why does moving our body help out our brain so much? New research suggests that the molecule, called irisin, produced d...

FitLinks: Certain Type Of Fat Could Help Us Lose Weight

Could a fat actually help us lose weight? One study says yes, it is possible. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin genetically modified mice so that their...

FitLinks: Exercise ‘Potentially as Effective’ as Drugs for Common Diseases

We all know exercise is good for us. But just how good is it: can be just as good as taking drugs for common diseases? Research from the London School of Econom...
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