Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation Tips To Lose Weight & Get Fit – If you are looking for fitness motivation tips and a reliable source of inspiration that can last you a lifetime, you have come to the right place. Motivation is a mindset; getting in shape and reaching your true potential is a mental challenge more so than a physical challenge. In this section, we delve into how to become more motivated regarding your health and fitness. Some of our favorite tips include visualization, setting specific and measurable goals, and building a support network. Losing weight and getting fit is no easy task with so many temptations along with a busy lifestyle, but you can become more motivated than you ever thought possible. These articles are your starting point.


Ego is Your Enemy: Become Your Own “Weakness Manager”

Have you ever noticed in the gym that you gravitate towards what you’re good at? If you can bench a lot of weight, then you find yourself benching every t...

How To Stop Food Cravings | 7 Tips

Do you know the feeling late at night when suddenly you have a massive craving for sugar? It’s as if that chocolate bar you grabbed at the deli, or those ...

Inspirational Fitness Photos Of Men over 40, 50, and 60!

“Almost everything we have been taught about aging is wrong. We now know that a very fit body of 70 can be the same as a moderately fit body of 30.” –Dr. ...

Fitness is a Journey, Not a Destination

As Thanksgiving approaches, the media starts kicking into high gear with fitness and nutrition tips like: “5 Tips to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving” &#...

The Power Of Visualization: Get The Body Of Your Dreams

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” -Marc Antonius Are your thoughts connected to the life you experience? Can your thoughts directly affect how you loo...

Top 10 Excuses For Not Exercising

Over the years, I’ve heard hundreds of excuses for why people don’t exercise, or skip a workout. I must admit, I’ve certainly used a bunch of ...

What Motivates You To Exercise?

The other day I had one of those long, tough days. I felt drained. The last thing I wanted to do was workout. I’m sure you know where I’m coming fro...

How To Make & Keep Fitness Resolutions

As the New Year begins, it seems like everyone suddenly is an avid exerciser. Unfortunately, the initial enthusiasm of making fitness resolutions typically fade...

31 Reasons To Get In Shape & Exercise More

I compiled a list of what I believe are the 31 most important reasons why you should get in shape, or stay in shape. What “getting in shape” means t...

White Collar Job, Professional Athlete Body

I have an interview below with my friend David Aaron (picture to the right) who is a young urban professional with an exceptional physique. I met David a few ye...
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