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General Health for Looking & Feeling Better – How does sleep affect your ability to control your hunger? How much sunlight is too much? In this section on general health, we tackle the tough questions regarding your health that will help you optimize your ability to get and stay healthy.


Brown Fat: The Fat That Can Burn Body Fat

We all know about “fat.” And likely, in the sense that you’re familiar with it, fat is not a good thing. When the word “fat” comes to mind...

6 Most Common Drugs That Cause Weight Gain

We seem to live in a prescription-happy society. Given the amount of patients that traditional doctors must see in a day, it is usually easier (read: quicker) t...

Can Exercise Reverse Aging? Studies Say “Yes”

As human beings, aging is obviously a part of our natural life cycle, but there are several influences that affect when and how we age. Factors like food, envir...
25 Ways To Get Better Sleep

25 Ways To Get Better Sleep

How much difference could one more hour of sleep make? A lot, according to numerous studies done on the ways that fatigue affects our bodies.1 Not getting enoug...

100 Ways To Burn More Calories

Ever feel discouraged because you couldn’t make it to the gym that day? We’ve all been there, but even if you miss a workout, it doesn’t mean that you’v...

The Surprising Weight Loss Benefits Of Yoga

While walking around your city, you’ve probably seen a variety of yoga studios—everything ranging from Bikram to Anusara, Jivamukti, and Vinyasa yoga. Bikra...

3 Reasons To Never Trust Estimated Calorie Burn On Cardio Machines

If you are among those who constantly worry about how many calories you burn, you’ll learn two important ideas in this article: You can’t trust esti...

5 Simple Tips to Manage Stress

We all know that stress can build up quickly and cause health problems ranging from decreased energy levels to impeding weight loss. The good news is that ultim...

Is Stress Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Results?

Stress! The word alone can make you feel stressed out. If you’re among those feeling like you have too much stress and not enough time to deal with it, you’...

The Paleo Diet: Should You Eat Like A Caveman?

In all the buzz about the Paleolithic Diet lately, there are lots of questions and differing opinions on just what it is and why you would actually want to “e...
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