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20 Health & Fitness Brands To Follow on Twitter

Can Twitter help you achieve your fitness goals? Though some dismiss the micro-blogging site as a platform for sharing minutiae, Twitter can actually be a power...

MyFitnessPal Review: Pros & Cons Of Top Fitness App

For most of us, life already requires a balancing act: we have family, friends, work, working out, and hopefully some downtime in between. Add keeping track of ...

6 Most Popular Running Headphones: Quick Review

Whether you prefer some serious heavy metal, low key rock, intense rap, or lighthearted pop music while you run, one genre is bound to boost your motivation, an...

Men’s Workout Shorts: Buying Guide

Buying mens’ athletic shorts can be a little more involved than you might initially think. These days, there are different kinds of shorts, all specifically m...

What Is The Best Nutrition App For Tracking Calorie Intake?

Since diet is the most important part of any weight loss plan or maintenance, tracking how many calories you take in during the day can go a long way in stickin...

10 Perfect Presents For A Fitness Buff

As December comes around, many of us are focused on two things: what’s upcoming for the next year & what to give as holiday gifts. We’ve pulled...

Best Workout Gear: Make Your Workouts Better

If you’ve been thinking of trying out some of the new fitness gear around, you might feel overwhelmed by so many options.

BuiltLean Merchandise Now Available!

It took A LOT longer than I would care to admit, but I’m pleased to announce that we now have BuiltLean branded Merchandise available from t-shirts, to ho...

Review: How I Went From Hating To Loving Vibram Five Fingers

In the last few years, barefoot, or minimalist shoes have gained significant traction in the footwear market. A combination of compelling barefoot running resea...

Weight Lifting Belt: Should You Wear One?

Walk into any health club and you’ll likely see some ‘fitness’ guy walking around the weight room wearing a cushy weight lifting belt on his abdomen. Weig...
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