Supplements to Lose Fat & Improve Your Health – If you are looking for supplements that are safe and effective, and also supplements to avoid, you have come to the right place. We have research-based articles that evaluate the effectiveness of supplements from fish oil to whey protein. Did you know hydrolyzed whey protein can cost double that of whey concentrate, but the research shows there is no difference in how fast the protein is digested? Did you know what fish oil supplement brands to consider buying? Do fat burners actually help you burn fat? We answers all these questions and more in this section about supplements.


CLA Supplement Research Review: Benefits & Risks

CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. It is a naturally occurring trans-fatty acid made from the omega-6 class of essential fatty acids. Since it is not man-...

Can Caffeine Increase Strength, Power, & Athletic Performance?

Caffeine is something most of us are familiar with – but you might not be familiar with using caffeine to potentially increase your power during weight traini...

Greens Supplement: Benefits, Risks, & Top Pick

What is a greens supplement? As the name implies, greens supplements are plant-based products that are dried and made into powders, tablets or capsules. Common ...

Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids: What’s The Difference?

Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids are one of the most popular supplements on the market. Typically derived from plant and fish oils, they are well researched and relative...

Can Metabolism Boosters Help You Burn More Fat?

If it were possible to boost your metabolism in a pill, it would make keeping the calories off so much easier. Who wouldn’t want that? But, while there are ma...

Creatine Benefits, Side Effects, & Dosage For Best Results

Creatine is an organic acid that plays a key role in supplying energy for muscle cells during intense activity. Creatine is produced naturally by the body and f...

Best BCAA Supplement? Benefits, Risks, & Top Pick

BCAAs, also known as “branch-chain amino acids” are three essential amino acids (1) leucine, (2) isoleucine, and (3) valine, each of which has uniqu...

Whey Concentrate vs. Isolate: What’s The Difference?

One of the two major components of milk, whey is the liquid portion of the milk that separates from the curds (the other major component), during the process of...

How To Choose A Healthy Protein Bar That Isn’t Candy

We’ve all been there – in a rush, needing to grab a quick bite – and instead of a sandwich, opt for what you might think is a healthier alternative: the p...

Should You Take A Multivitamin? Benefits & Side Effects

Put simply, a multivitamin is a nutritional supplement that includes a combination of vitamins, and often minerals. Vitamins are good for you, right? So it shou...
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