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Dear Fellow New Yorker,

Marc PerryMy name is Marc Perry and I’m the founder of BuiltLean Personal Training and Fitness Contributor to NY1 News.

When I first entered the work force as an Investment Analyst, I gained over 30lb of fat in only a few months. I was devastated to learn how much weight I had gained so quickly. Only a few months earlier, I was a college athlete at Yale in great shape.

I decided to make it my mission to create effective exercise and nutrition methods that required little time investment and that led to sustainable results. Despite sitting on my butt for 14 hours per day staring at a computer, I got my body fat below 6% working out only 2-3x per week. Here are my before/after photos:

Marc's before-after photos

I left my finance job to start a personal training and nutrition counseling practice that offers a comprehensive, strategic approach towards body transformation and the pursuit of optimal health. Because our personal training clients are getting such great results, I was featured on TV as a fitness expert several times in the last year.

If you are looking for a professional & enjoyable personal training experience that gets you results and empowers you to live healthier for the rest of your life, BuiltLean Personal Training will not disappoint!

NYC Personal Training That’s Personal

We are experts at designing personalized fitness programs that meet your specific needs, whether you want to lose fat, improve running performance, or simply improve your health. If you are not if great shape, don’t worry. We develop exercise programs that help get you stronger over time by progressing intensity, which is far safer and effective than trying to workout too hard right away.

“BuiltLean is perfect one-on-one training.”

BuiltLean is perfect one-on-one training

“BuiltLean is perfect one-on-one training. Whatever I need either that day, that week, or for my long term goals, the program is customized for me.

You will get better results and learn a lot more when your program is personalized.

The workouts are never more than you can handle, but just enough to keep you going strong to fulfill your goals.”

Steven Fethurhuff

We’ll Push You To Give Your Best

We will push you to give an incredible effort beyond what you believe you can do. When you think you can’t go anymore, your body will rise to the challenge with the motivational support of our passionate personal trainers. By using a trademarked combination of dynamic strength training, intervals, cardio, and flexibility exercises, the workouts are not only very effective, but also a lot of fun.

“I always feel like I had a really great workout…”

I always feel like I had a really great workout...

“The exercises vary and the workouts constantly change, which keep things interesting. I always feel like I had a really great workout when I’m done.”


Get The Lean, Toned Body You Want

We not only motivate and educate you, but we’ll help you get a leaner, more toned body with effective workouts that burn calories for days. After about one month, it’s likely you’ll be getting the, “what have you been doing?” questions from your friends. Consistent, effective exercise combined with smart nutrition guided by our experienced professionals yield impressive results.

“I lost 17lb of fat in only 8-weeks.”

I lost 17lb of fat in only a couple months.

When I first started Marc’s program, I was completely out of shape and didn’t know the first thing about the gym. Now I’m down to 14% body fat and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m a busy guy and my work schedule is hectic, so the short, efficient workouts he designed for me work perfectly. He also taught me a tremendous amount about nutrition, so I now know what to eat and how to eat on a daily basis. Marc did an awesome job at putting the whole package together: from stretching, to my diet, to getting better sleep, to going to the gym, my whole lifestyle has changed.

Danny, Sales Trader

Exclusive Private Studio in Murray Hill

Enjoy the luxury of a private studio centrally located on 31st between Park & Madison that provides the ideal atmosphere for one-on-one personal training. Leave the crowded chain gyms behind that only care about selling gym memberships! Our core focus is on improving your health and fitness and empowering you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Exclusive Private Studio


Track Your Sessions With Ease


BuiltLean Fitness Tracker

Our Online Fitness Tracker is much more than just a Fitness Tracker, it offers many useful features that will help you learn more about your health and keep track of your sessions, including:

  • Goal Setting Manager
  • Nutrition Tracker
  • Food Database
  • Exercise Log
  • Heart Range Calculator
  • View Booking History & Balances

Every Personal Training Package Includes:


  • Fitness & Body Assessment
  • Customized & Fun Workout Sessions
  • Useful Nutrition Guide
  • Online Fitness & Session Tracker
  • Unlimited emails/phone calls
  • Private Studio (no extra fees)

Simply call 212-419-0772, or leave a message by filling out the web form below, and we will respond in less than 24 hours.

Marc Perry

Here’s to Your Health,

Marc Perry

Marc Perry, CSCS, ACE-CPT
Founder, BuiltLean Personal Training


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