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Here’s a very small sample of men who have successfully transformed their bodies with our simple, efficient, and science-based programs:

“I Got a Six-Pack at 50-Years-Old”
John Waugh Before After

“Once I started on the program I was so shocked at my progress that I realized that my ridiculous goal of six-pack abs at 50 was achievable. I can’t tell you how optimistic and focused that made me. The eating approach and the exercises were based on current research and practice, so I trusted them to work.”

– John Waugh
Pediatrician, Australia

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“After 8-Weeks My Body Completely Transformed”
Neil Mack Before After

“I tried weight training the last few years and would get some results, but then I would plateau and not go to the next level. Using the BuiltLean Program, I was consistently getting stronger and after 8 weeks, my body completely transformed. What I really love is how efficient the workouts are. All it takes is 45 minutes a few times per week.”

– Neil Mack
Entrepreneur, New York City

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“I Dropped Down From 23% To 6% Body Fat”
Nick Kumar Before After

“I had put on the pounds from unhealthy eating and working long hours behind a desk in Consulting and Banking. Overall, I dropped down from 23% to 6% body fat in a few months. I’m in my 30?s and I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to BuiltLean.”

– Nick Kumar
Hedge Fund Analyst, New York City

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“I Couldn’t Be Happier With My Results”
Morgan McClellan Before After

“I’ve always struggled with my weight. I would get on a fitness routine for a few months, then just slack off. I can tell you with confidence that the BuiltLean Program has changed my life. When I look at myself in the mirror, there’s always a ‘holy sh*t’ moment. I couldn’t be happier with my results.”

– Morgan McClellan
Journalist, Toronto, Canada

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“I Lost 4 Inches Off My Waist”
Jairo Molina Before After

“My pants weren’t fitting anymore, so I needed to make a change. With BuiltLean, I have professional guidance that I can trust. When I first started, I had no idea what kind of impact a nutrition plan like this could have in my life. The workout plan is also very practical to follow, including pictures of exercises and instructions that can be easily learned.”

– Jairo Molina
Web developer, São Paulo, Brazil

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“I Attained a Body Fat Percentage Below 10%”
Marty Van De Bosch Before Affter

“After losing over 100 pounds, I still had about 30 pounds to go. I needed to gain greater depth of knowledge on nutrition and fitness. Using the BuiltLean Program, I attained a body fat percentage below 10% and a final weight of 193Lbs (I am about 6’4” in height). The BuiltLean Program provided me with easy to understand, practical knowledge, without hype, or sensationalism.”

– Marty Van De Bosch
IT Manager, British Columbia

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“It’s Definitely Worth The Time & Money I Invested”
Adam Jackson Before After

“The BuiltLean Program helped me lose 10lbs of fat, drop 3 inches off my waist, from 34 inches to 31, and I now have 10x more energy than I did before. It’s definitely worth the money. It’s definitely worth the time I invested.
You can clearly see from the results you get. Even within a few weeks, I was seeing dramatic results!”

– Adam Jackson
Sales Trader, New York City

Results, Testimonials, & Risks Disclaimer

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