Lose Weight & Get Lean With My Science-Backed Eating & Workout Program

  • Get lean with 30-minute workouts, 3 times a week, gym optional.
  • Develop healthy eating habits with eating plans and checklists
  • Join our community and stay disciplined, motivated and inspired to hit your goals.
  • Ask our on-demand experts your most important questions.
  • Get access to program created & reviewed by certified trainers, dietitians and doctors

The Principles To Getting Lean & Healthy

Hi, My name is Marc Perry. I'm a body transformation expert and the founder of BuiltLean®.

Many of us have struggled to lose weight or burn fat...I know I have.

The truth is, it's really hard to stay motivated and consistently follow a healthy lifestyle.

Getting and staying lean, especially as we age, can be super tough.

Back when I was a busy finance analyst, I struggled to find the time and energy to make it to the gym.

And when I did go, my workouts were either random, or simply didn't give me the results I wanted. Or the body I desired.

I consumed food and alcohol I knew I shouldn't. Late at night after a busy day at work or out with friends and family.

It's hard to plan nutritious meals with the right portion size and calorie intake. Poor planning for me equalled periods of binge eating and inconsistent dieting.

Like most people, I thought the key to losing fat was to cut out carbs and spend hours in the gym every week, pumping iron.

But this just made me hungry, tired and bad at my job. Honestly it just wasn't good for my health.

I didn't want to be a big, bulky, body builder type. I simply wanted to be healthy and lean, and feel good about myself.

That's when I decided  to make it my mission to learn the secret to getting
and consistently  staying in good shape.

I decided to transform my lifestyle
and my body.

Even though I was still working long hours, sitting at my computer,
I managed to transform my body in just 3 workouts per week.

My early success led to the bold decision to leave my job and start a personal training and eating practice in New York City.

I got seriously hooked on testing and refining eating and workout programs.

8 years of trial and error on countless other men and women with busy lifestyles just like mine, allowed me to narrow down my transformation program to an exact science.

It's the perfect recipe of eating, fitness and motivational science.


Through years of testing and with the help of certified trainers, dietitians and doctors, we've created, in my opinion, the most effective diet and workout program available.


With over 7,500 enrollments to date in 100+ countries, BuiltLean is quickly turning into the diet and workout program for busy professionals looking to get lean and healthy.

Get lean following our 30-minute workouts,
3 times a week, gym optional.

You don't need to spend hours in the gym every day to get exceptional results.

I've developed extremely efficient workouts that combine the most effective exercises into "Strength Circuits".

You get strength, cardio, and fat-burning benefits in every workout.

Our workouts are based on science and research. No fad exercises and no weird equipment here.

All you need are our easy-to-follow "grab and go" workout sheets and a set of dumbbells. So you can workout from home, in the gym or even on the road.

And you can access all the videos and content from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

A Workout Plan Customized
To Your Fitness Level

The 12-week workout plan is completely customized to your fitness level, whether you can do 15 pull-ups or zero.

Each exercise comes with variations, easy to advanced.

If you have any specific questions,
you can email our customer support team, we're here to help.

Learn Perfect Form With Amazing Exercise Demonstrations

  • The most effective exercises
  • The best results
  • The least amount
    of time

Over 50 'how to' videos clearly demonstrating perfect form for every exercise in the program.

I cover the importance of each exercise, with advanced tips on mastering the movement, and clear step-by instructions.

Develop healthy eating habits with
our eating plans and checklists

If you've struggled to get eating right in the past, you're in the right place.

Before BuitLean I struggled to plan my meals right. My portions were too big. I ate the wrong kinds of food. And I still got hungry late at night and cheated.

It's really hard to consistently eat the right foods, in the right amounts.

You'll be amazed how much food you can eat while still burning fat, feeling full all day, and boosting your energy.

If you're struggled with the pressures of eating out at social occasions, weekend binges or cutting out alcohol, this eating plan is exactly what you need.

With over 50 sample meal and snack ideas prepared by top NYC dietitian Christy Maskeroni, RD, you'll always know exactly what to eat, no matter how busy your schedule.

Join our community and stay disciplined,
motivated and inspired to hit your goals

A weight loss study conducted by Ray Wu showed people who posted progress photos, lost 1.2lbs per week compared to 0.27lbs for those that didn't share.

We turned this research into action, as part of our science-backed approach.

Enrollment in BuiltLean Transformation gets you access to our private Facebook community.

Share results, chat with other members and get expert advice from the BuiltLean team.

Did you know sharing your progress makes you more likely to reach your goals?

Stay motivated and get inspired by like-minded people looking to lose weight and get lean.

Ask our on-demand experts your
most important questions

Although BuiltLean is VERY thorough and in step-by-step format, a question or two may pop up as you go through the training materials.

That's why we created
Trainer On-Demand.

Trainer On-Demand  is the team of certified trainers, dietitians and doctors behind our blog and program content, and now you can ask them your burning questions too.

Simply email our Trainer On-Demand team with your questions or request a call and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with professional advice.

Normally hundreds of dollars an hour, you get access to this professional advice for free, with BuiltLean Transformation.

Weight Loss Success Stories

My body fat dropped from 26% to 13%

“I had worked in London for 7 years and my job required an entertaining lifestyle of eating and drinking, which had more than caught up with me. Using BuiltLean, I went from 71kg at the end of May to 63kg in the space of 8-weeks, but put on muscle at the same time.”

John Pinelli
I Got a Six Pack at 50-Years-Old

Once I started on the program I was so shocked at my progress that I realized that my ridiculous goal of six-pack abs at 50 was achievable. I can’t tell you how optimistic and focused that made me. The eating approach and the exercises were based on current research and practice, so I trusted them to work.

John Waugh
I dropped down from 23% to 6% body

I had put on the pounds from unhealthy eating and working long hours behind a desk in Consulting and Banking. Overall, I dropped down from 23% to 6% body fat in a few months. I’m in my 30?s and I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to BuiltLean.

Nick Kumar
Adam Jackson Before, After
It’s definitely worth the money

The BuiltLean Program helped me lose 10lbs of fat, drop 3 inches off my waist, from 34 inches to 31, and I now have 10x more energy than I did before. It’s definitely worth the money. It’s definitely worth the time I invested.
You can clearly see from the results you get. Even within a few weeks, I was seeing dramatic results!

Adam Jackson

"I've gone from 36% body fat to 21%. Very cool : )  The workouts have been hard in an encouraging way. I don't feel that I can't do them, but my heart rate does go up!"*

Jenica Jarchow

What Top Doctors & Dietitians
Think About BuiltLean® Transformation

"The Exercise Program Marc Perry Has Put Together Is Truly Exceptional"

What is particularly attractive about BuiltLean Transformation is that being in shape is not a prerequisite. In fact, it’s true strength is that it can be geared to people at any level of fitness.

Bruce T. Cohen, MD Orthopedic Surgeon Specialty in Sports Medicine
"I Have Yet To See A Program That Is As Well-Rounded, Educational, And Successful"

Marc Perry’s approach is spot on! His well-rounded method encompasses many of the integral components to a successful body transformation program – motivation, exercise, and nutrition…I have yet to see a program that is as well-rounded, educational, and successful!

Christy Maskeroni, MS, RD Director of Nutrition Christy Maskeroni Nutrition

What You
Get With

Whether you want to lose fat and get lean, start eating clean or get motivated by our community, BuiltLean can help you hit your goals in just 12 weeks.

Let's recap what's included in BuiltLean Transformation.

  • 12-Week Workout Plan
    • 50+ exercise demonstrations
    • Customized to your fitness level
    • Clear instructions to help you master the perfect form for every exercise
    • Hit your weight goals in only 12 weeks
  • BuiltLean Eating Plan
    • 50+ meal and snack ideas prepared by top nutritionist Christy Maskeroni, MS, RD
    • Flexible, easy to start and structured for the best results
    • Vegetarian and paleo meal options
    • Non-dairy and gluten-free also available
  • Trainer On-Demand

    Get answers to your most important questions, from expert trainers, dietitians, & health coaches, with no expensive hourly fee and no waiting time.

  • BuiltLean Community (private Facebook group)

    Stay on track through the science of group motivation. Share your progress and cheer on new friends in our active community.

  • Enjoy Great
    Customer Support

    Unlike most online programs, we don't just take your money and forget about you. We're invested in helping you achieve results, so email or call us and we'll get you to your weight loss goals.


3 payments
of $109 for 3 months


One time payment of $299

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Because we've tested and refined BuiltLean and because I'm SO confident
it's the most efficient way to lose weight and get lean; I offer a money back guarantee.

Try the Builtlean eating and workout programs for 14 days...100% risk-free.

If you're not blown away by the program materials just send an email to
[email protected] by day 15.

The next message you'll get from me will be a refund confirmation, No
hassle or hard feelings. It's that simple.

Frequently asked questions

The only required equipment is a set of dumbbells, an adjustable bench, and a pull-up bar, or resistance bands. A basic mat and exercise ball are recommended, but not required.

You will be walked through every exercise in the program and be given alternatives based on the equipment you have access to, so the BuiltLean Exercise Plan gives you flexibility based on accessible equipment.

Our customers are nearly evenly split between gym (58%) and home workouts (42%)

BuiltLean Transformation does work for women. In fact, even my sister-in-law made significant improvements after completing my program. I have not done a very good job of marketing towards woman as you can likely tell, so at this time I do not have any before / after photos to share. But to be clear, if you want an efficient plan with no fluff that helps you lose fat without losing muscle and get strong, BuiltLean will not disappoint.

The workouts are based on basic strength training exercises, so it’s important that you be comfortable with the strength training foundation of the program.

No, you can’t. The workout plan is unique along with all of the customization instructions. In addition, I’ve spent 15 years and tens of thousands of dollars to sift through a mountain of information and present it to you in a clear, organized, and concise fashion. While you may be able to find some of this information for free online, it may take years to find and sift through it.

The BuiltLean Program is designed to help you burn the fat on your body, while maintaining, or even increasing your muscle mass. It’s easy to lose 10lbs in one day by losing water weight and some muscle, but losing ONLY fat is more challenging.

A healthy pace of fat loss is roughly 0.5% to 1.0% of your total body weight in fat per week. If you lose much more than that, it’s most likely water, or muscle loss. So if you are a 200 pound man, you can expect to lose a solid 1-2 pounds of pure fat each week. Some people may experience greater fat loss, or less fat loss, depending on the amount of effort put into the program and genetic factors.

It is also possible to add muscle and lose fat on the BuiltLean program, especially if you have not lifted weights in a while. This will improve your body composition without affecting your body weight as much.

Yes, you can. But I strongly recommend against any more weight lifting than what I prescribe. So if you want to do cross training workouts, yoga, jogging etc. on your non-strength training days, that can certainly be helpful.

If you are experiencing chronic pain from an injury, or have medical issues such as diabetes, you should consult with your doctor. You should always check with your physician before starting an exercise, or nutrition program, especially when you have special clinical, or medical considerations.

If you have suffered from minor injuries and do not experience any pain while exercising, the program is injury friendly and low back friendly.

I am not a medical professional, or a registered dietitian. I am a health & fitness coach. I am not qualified to give you medical or clinical advice, only a medical professional can.

If you are new to strength training, or haven’t worked out in a while, it is very possible to gain muscle on the BuiltLean Program while losing fat. The program is designed as a fat loss program, but modifications can make it into a muscle building program.

If you are considering adding muscle, we highly recommend getting lean first, then adding bulk. Top fitness models never attempt to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Instead, they go on cutting phases where they focus on losing fat without losing muscle, then go on bulking phases where they focus on building muscle. I suggest you do the same.

Yes, it can. The foundation of the program are 3 full-body strength training workouts each week, which are an excellent addition to an endurance, or sports performance routine.

The true power of BuiltLeanTransformation is that it is based on guidelines, principles, and templates. If after the program you still want to lose more body fat, you will be able to use the exercise templates I provide to continue with effective, fat-burning workouts. You can either use the same exercises, or substitute exercises of your own as long as they follow our guidelines.

Fitness is a lifestyle. I help you find the best fitness lifestyle that works for you.

Right after you click the “Get Started Today” button, you will be directed to a secure order form where you will make payment via credit card, or PayPal. After payment, you will receive email confirmation within minutes of your order. A follow up email will be sent to you with your username and password to access the private BuiltLean Transformation website.

If you experience any difficulty, you can contact our customer support staff who is ready to assist you. We typically respond to your inquiry in less than 24 hours, many times within only a few hours.

* Results may vary, and testimonials do not claim to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and all the men and women pictured transformed their bodies using Marc Perry's transformation system. However, these results are meant to showcase the best, most motivated clients who strictly followed the program, and should not be taken as average or typical results.