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Free Printable Food Journal Template

By Marc Perry / October 19, 2018

In the first two parts of this food journal article series, I described the 7 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Food Journal and my favorite Free Online Calorie Tracker and App to make keeping a food journal easier. In this last part of the series, I have a Free Printable Food Journal for those of you who expressed you would prefer keeping a written journal.

I wasn’t planning on creating this food journal template myself, but instead linking to a printable food journal that I could find on the internet. It turns out, they were all either missing important parts, or simply inadequate! I want you to have the best information, so I created a food journal report below

Enjoy the old school BuiltLean branding:

What’s Inside The Free Printable Food Journal?

Here’s what’s inside the free printable food journal log I created for you:

  • How to Keep a Food Journal Tips
  • Sample Food Journal
  • Free Printable Food Journal Template & Log

    I spent a lot of time creating this free journal for you, so I would greatly appreciate if you share this article with friends and leave comments! I hope you enjoy it!


    • Scott says:


      Thanks for the journal tips. The Blackberry APP will come in VERY HANDY! I bought the F-Factor Diet book 10 days ago and found it very enlightening. It works great in conjunction with 10-CUT. I have been keeping a journal for the past 10 days and found it a GREAT BENEFIT. It's an easy way to keep your daily nutrition in check. The one area that I have been paying special attention to is FIBER. I was not eating anywhere near enough Fiber. Now that I have been eating more, I feel more filled up during the day, and have not been binging nightly (my worse time). I would suggest adding a column for FIBER to your journal, it has greatly help me. I lost almost 6 pounds so far and feel much better.


      • Marc Perry says:

        I'm really happy to hear the info on BuiltLean.com has been helpful for you. Keep up the good work and thanks for the comment!

    • Mary says:

      Thank you for the printable version of the food journal. It really makes me become more aware of my eating habits. This has been a very useful tool.

    • Aslam says:

      Than you for the printable journal. I only have one question. When you mention half cup of rich, does it mean after the rice is cooked and then measure up to half cup or half cup of rice before cooked. Please i will be very grateful if you answer it for me.

      • Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT says:

        @Aslam - That is correct, half a cup of rice cooked.