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BuiltLean Philosophy: 3 Elements To Get Lean

By Marc Perry / February 20, 2016

A lot of people have been asking me about my fitness philosophy to help get a leaner, healthier body. So I created a video to answer that question. I also wanted to create some context for all the exercise and nutrition videos that I will be adding in the future.

If you blend these 3 elements I discuss into your life, I really do believe you can reach your potential!

The one thing I would like to add to this video is that being lean is really a lifestyle. Not every lean person has the same exact lifestyle, but the vast majority of people who are lean in my opinion infuse these 3 elements into their lives.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I encourage you to share it with friends! Also, am I missing anything? What would you add?


  • Hank says:

    I like the concepts as stated. I think perhaps most important is mindful nutrition. Most of us do not realize the effects of what we eat and how that relates to not only how we look but how we feel.

  • Saurabh says:

    Great concepts. I was hoping you can unleash the secret about eating fruits? Do we need 3 servings a day? What sort of fruits (and at what times during the day) one should choose to eat? I have heard something about bananas not being too beneficial in the mornings. Thanks.

    • Marc Perry says:

      I think 2-4 servings of fruit a day is healthy, which is what is suggested by most nutrition/health organizations. Strawberries (berries in general) are my favorite because they are loaded with fiber (keeps you feeling full), antioxidants, and have less sugar.

      A discussion of fruits is minor from a body composition perspective relative to more important decisions you make like total calorie intake (and quality of calorie intake), frequency of eating, and macronutrient breakdown (protein, carbs, fat percentage breakdown). Bananas are fine and boast high potassium, it's just that they have little fiber and are high on the glycemic index (raise your blood sugar levels). Some nutritionists refer to bananas as nature's junk food, but I think that's a bit much.

      Regarding timing or fruits, that's really up to you. Some nutritionists point out that our insulin sensitivity (ability of our muscles to suck in glucose/sugar) is greatest earlier in the day, but I don't think you can lose eating fruit in moderation throughout the day.

      Hope that answers your questions!

  • Mary says:

    The video concept is a great idea. It is a nice compliment to your articles which have been extremely helpful.

  • Charlie says:

    Mindful nutrition was huge for me. I kept a food log to track all my food and water intake

  • Scott says:

    Marc: Great start for videos, can't wait to see future ones. I can't stress how much nutrition & strength training go hand in hand for me. I began about a month ago including foods I never had in my diet (mostly higher FIBER foods as simple as Fiber 1 cereal & Fage Greek Yogurt in the morning, to a pear as an afternoon snack - baby steps). I have the feeling of FULLNESS for most of the day which really helps (not that I can't devour a bag of chips if placed in front of me, LOL).

    I have a universal system at home that I attempt to do 2-3 times per week. I do your super sets and keep the intensity going for 20-25 minutes. I make sure I hit the larger muscles for that after burn. I could use some more ideas on the best use of the universal I have at home (G3S by Body Solid).

    Thanks again for the great tips.

    • Marc Perry says:

      Hi Scott, I think showing how to use a universal machine is a great idea for a blog post. I jotted it down. The G3s is a basic set up and I think the chest press is great, and you can then use different grips (wide, medium, close, underhand) to keep the lat pulldown from getting boring. I LOVE the lat pulldown/pullup motion. You should also consider adding adjustable dumbbells, exercise ball, and a bench to your home gym, depending on your budget and your goals. Here's a link to adjustable dumbells on amazon. Will be giving you more ideas soon. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

      Sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the good work!