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Cost of Obesity in America: Stats & Analysis

By Marc Perry / September 25, 2017

I came across the following about the cost of obesity in America from my friends over at medicalcoding.org. I always take statistics with a grain of salt, but I believe that when viewed constructively, this type of analysis can help raise more awareness for what is a BIG challenge in this country: obesity of course.

While this analysis is revealing, I would really love to see an analysis of the “cost of unhealthy living”. Unhealthy habits not only affect obese people, but those who are overweight, “overfat”, skinny, and all different shapes and sizes. I think the true economic cost to our society of lack of activity, poor eating habits, and generally unhealthy habits is MUCH higher than most people would imagine.

What do you think of the graphic below? Does it present an interesting analysis of an intractable problem, or is it more divisive than it is helpful?

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Via: Medical Coding


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  • shenoyjoseph says:

    Infographic image gives alot valuable information.

  • dennis says:

    Fascinating information. If we could reduce the number of obese individuals in America we could not only increase productivity but once again become the great nation that we once were.

  • Christian says:

    I live in Colorado. I do triathlons. I desperately wish the rest of the country would follow in my footsteps.

    • Marc Perry says:

      @Christian - I hope so as well. It's interesting how Colorado is such a fit state (as a whole). I would like to learn more and write about the big reasons why some states are fit, and others are well, not so fit.

  • Jennifer Adams says:

    Speaking as an obese person, not proud just honest, I found this a bit concerning as I do not lose time from work and my doctor has found me to be quite healthy, including my blood work. More is not spent on me, rather I spend more sourcing local organic foods and attending Tai Chi classes. I am much more fit than many slender people. In short, overweight is an indicator, but not always accurate. I think this is especially important because of the rising bias against heavier people. This article tells me "You're fat, and because you are fat, you are costing the rest of us." This is not fair, kind, or even correct in some cases. The Standard American Diet is bad for ALL of us; the heavy people show it sooner is all.

    • Marc Perry says:

      @Jennifer Adams - Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Kudos to you for eating healthy and exercising!

  • Wes says:

    America is in real trouble.

    • Marc Perry says:

      @Wes - It is really scary. What is more frightening to me is not just obesity, but the overall cost to society of unhealthy lifestyle habits, which affect people who are not only obese, but who come in all shapes and sizes.