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Is A Sedentary Job Affecting Your Health?

By Marc Perry / July 1, 2017

Modernization has brought incredibly positive changes to our lives, from medical advancement to modern conveniences it seems we can’t live without.

At the same time, however, our lives are becoming more sedentary and we are tied to our jobs 24/7. Combined with lack of exercise and proper nutrition, no wonder obesity has risen to epidemic proportions.

Quick question for you:
How many hours are you sedentary each day?

For 5 years of my life when I worked in finance, I sat on my butt a good 13-14 hours per day. No exaggeration. That’s counting sitting in an office chair, commuting, then sitting on the couch when I got home.

Even the last few years I’ve been in the fitness industry, I still do A LOT of computer work and I would guess I’m still sitting on my butt easily 8 hours per day. Frankly, it’s scares me and it’s one reason why I NEVER sit down when I take the subway in NYC because the thought of sitting down any more than I already do frightens me.

What are the health implications of a sedentary lifestyle? Are there any steps you can take to help mitigate, or limit the negative effects?

I have below an infographic from my friends over at Medical Coding that presents some interesting statistics on the growing trend of sedentary life and how it’s affecting our health. You may want to take some of the numbers with a grain of salt and the message is presented strongly to say the least, but it is thought provoking.

For some tips on improving posture and health with a sedentary office job, check out Correct Rounded Shoulders From Office Work.

Sedentary Job Infographic


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  • Dmytro says:

    Great article!

  • david says:

    this is a very scary article

  • Alexander says:

    As usual, your articles are eye openers. I do spend lot's of hours a day sitting in front of my desk. I'll be waiting for your tricks and tips.

  • sigaporein says:

    It's a best article and this article give a lots of information......Thanks

  • Tom says:

    This was an excellent article. A wake up call. It is true. Once I was stuck with a long train commute daily plus 6 hours a day of computer work I gained 10 lbs. I realized I was sitting at work, on the commute, at night at social events. I knew I had to change that. Exercising at the gym was not enough. I began included more standing, walking, stairs, in my life 24/7. Combined with diet of course I lost 20 lbs, stretching, and exercise (Builtlean Program now of course). Really, Builtlean.com is keeping me focused on my goals of fitness. I'm making slow but sure progress for my age (66). Fitness trainers that I payed $37 per half hour were not working for me.