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Frozen Banana Recipe: Best Ice Cream Substitute!

Looking for ways to quiet your cravings for your favorite ice cream treats during this hot summer season? When you’re trying to stay healthy, the challenge is that many popular ice cream bars contain startling amounts of added sugars along with an endless list of unfamiliar ingredients.

Turn down the ice cream truck this summer by creating your own wholesome and delicious treats with this frozen banana pops recipe. Bananas make a perfect ice cream substitute, taking on a rich and creamy consistency when frozen. Using a Greek yogurt shell provides sweet, tangy flavor that compliments the fruit while granola gives your pops a satisfying nutty crunch.

Frozen Banana Recipe | Ingredients

Quick Tips:
Buying the right granola can be tricky: many products on the market are loaded with sugar that can turn your healthy snack into the total opposite! Look for granola that contains 5 grams of sugar or less & is less than 150 calories per serving. You can also try swapping out the granola topping for other healthy options like shredded coconut, nuts, or finely chopped fresh or dried fruit. Be creative!

Frozen Banana Recipe | Preparation Instructions

1. Place half of a peeled banana on the wooden stick

2. Using a spoon, take scoops of the Greek yogurt and coat the banana. Be generous! The thicker the layer, the more easily the topping will adhere to the banana

3. Roll the yogurt-coated banana in the granola topping. Lightly press the topping into the yogurt to get a good stick

4. Freeze overnight for a cool and refreshing summer treat!

Hope you enjoy it!


  • Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT says:

    This is a great post, Jessica. Really love the photos.

  • brandon says:

    these are awesome, you got me obsessed.

  • Seb says:

    finally something to stop my ice cream craving lately ive been eating too much , i never really eaat i t just this week sadly

  • Nic says:

    Hey Marc,

    Long-time follower of your blog and currently in the process of implementing the Built Lean program!

    Just curious: what other things to do you to improve your appearance other than working out? Do you take any supplements? How do you manage acne and your skin? Is there any thing in particular that you do to keep yourself looking good? Or is it just genetics.


    • Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT says:

      @Nic - I'm psyched to hear you are doing the program! The topic of skin/hair care etc. is definitely worthy of several articles, so I appreciate you bringing that up. We do plan on creating some more lifestyle related articles very soon. We frankly have added very few of them out of literally hundreds of articles on the site. I use proactive for my skin and it's been very helpful for me. The only supplements I take are a multi-vitamin/fish oil, and whey protein occasionally after a workout. I do thinking working out and eating healthy combined is the best way to help your appearance, much more important than any creams/potions/supplements!

  • Vix says:

    I read this article and made these right away. I only had Fage Plain Greek Yogurt and walnuts but I have a feeling they'll still be yummy! Can't wait to try one tonight. Thank you.

  • Anthony Acosta says:

    Any other suggestions vs greek yogurt? My wife loves all the other ingredients but not greek yogurt:(

    • Robby says:

      You can try mixing a bit of honey and maybe cinnamon into the yogurt before you coat the banana.

      This recipe looks as delicious as it is simple! I'm going to have to remember this next time I go to the store.

    • Jessica Zack, HHC says:


      Great question! I suppose Greek yogurt is an acquired taste ;). I love using Greek yogurt because it tends to have a pastier and thicker consistency than other yogurts so it holds the toppings really nicely... It also seems to have a creamier texture when frozen opposed to other thinner yogurts that can become icier when frozen. Despite my recommendation, any type of yogurt can be used in place of the Greek yogurt! I would love for you to try the recipe with regular yogurt--vanilla flavored would probably be my pick. To keep the snack in the "healthy treat" category opt for a nonfat or low-fat yogurt and keep an eye on the sugar content! Enjoy!!

  • Tasneem says:

    oh this is realy yummy =)

    i have a sweet tooth so im always looking for smthn sweet and healthy that won`t distroy my hard work ..

    i like it and i agree with Robby ..

    THUMBZ UP ^_^

  • Stacia says:

    yummy i'm trying that