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10 Perfect Presents For A Fitness Buff

By Amanda Reck / July 1, 2017

As December comes around, many of us are focused on two things: what’s upcoming for the next year & what to give as holiday gifts. We’ve pulled together a few popular articles published in November that can hopefully help out with both!

There are some cool options for fitness gifts in a couple of pieces, as well as an article about the probable fitness trends for 2013. There are also some interesting updates on the ties between exercise and medicine, and the myriad of benefits exercise has for our bodies in general.

Fitness News & Research | November 2012

  • 10 Perfect Presents For The Fitness Buff In Your Life (Business Insider)
  • Ten Fitness Gifts For The Workout Lover (TeenVogue.com)
  • Aerobic Exercise Could Help Beat Cancer Fatigue (Huffington Post)
  • What Are The Fitness Trends For 2013? (San Jose Mercury News)
  • Food And Medication Interactions: Grapefruit Isn’t The Only One (Huffington Post)
  • Shine Fitness Tracker Is Small, Sexy, and Syncs With Grace (GottaBeMobile )
  • “Get Fit Like the Giants” Contest: Enter Now! (Hospital For Special Surgery)
  • General Fitness Articles | November 2012

  • Did Exercise Make The Human Brain So Buff? (LiveScience)
  • If Exercise Is So Great, Why Don’t People Do It? (Star Tribune)
  • Cold Water With Exercise Helps A Body (Wall Street Journal)
  • Nutrition Facts For Supermarket Prepared Foods (Shape Magazine)
  • Agenda: Cruising | Food and Fitness (NYTimes.com)
  • Must-See Fitness Videos | November 2012

  • Study: Low Levels Of Exercise Can Add Years (NBCNews.com)
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    • Karlis says:

      Marc first of all thanks for your program,just jumped in it,and we can bet that i will be one who you will be proud of :) at the moment i have 1 question about hearth rate,and dont know where to ask it,sorry. Im 25 so my max rate should be 195 i am working out in the gym for last 6months before that was kickboxing. I have heart monitor and numbers are shocikng,im starting to feel that im working out only when i hit 170-180 i mean if i need to be at ~75% (146bpm) heart rate,i will not sweat at all. Now when im working out i am resting 3mins in first exercise,and 1min on others,i am averaging 155-160(bpm) per training. When i was kickboxing made my monitor to beep when i jumped 207(bpm) that scared me and i went to cardiologist. made procedures and researches. He told everything is ok,when i asked about pulse the answer was if you feel good than its ok. How should i train? Keep my rate at those +-75% ? And my body will respond to that as it should in normal circumstances? Or i should boost untill i start to "feel" that im working out? Hope you will understand what i meant,sorry for my english,im still learning.

      • Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT says:

        Hey Karlis, sorry for not answering this sooner! In the future, use our contact form here to get your questions answered typically within 24 hours => http://www.builtlean.com/contact/.

        I totally understand your question, which is a very good one. First, I think wearing a heart rate while you exercise is a smart idea because it can be very motivating. I only require clients over 60 years old and beginners to wear them during training sessions, but they are equally as effective for those like yourself in great shape.

        As I explained in detail in my article about Max Heart Rate, there are many different ranges of max heart rate. I had one client who couldn't get his heart rate above 150 and he was an exceptional athlete in great shape - and he was only 23 years old! My heart rate can go up to the high 190's to low 200's when I'm pushing myself to the max, so it sounds like you are more like me. The current max heart rate formula is based on statistical averages, so there are deviations from that average. The article explains this concept in more detail.

        Good luck and hope that's helpful!