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25 Ways To Get Better Sleep

By Marc Perry / February 20, 2016

How much difference could one more hour of sleep make? A lot, according to numerous studies done on the ways that fatigue affects our bodies.1

Not getting enough sleep can affect your health, and your weight, due both to the psychological and physiological side effects: when you get in the amount of sleep you need, you think more clearly, boost your immunity, lower risk of injury, improve memory, and have higher self-control.

Sleep is also linked to how your body controls hormones, which can seriously help or hinder diet. So much emphasis is put on diet and exercise, which are obviously important components of a healthy lifestyle, sometimes sleep is the forgotten component; so, we’ve compiled 25 great ways for you to get a better night’s sleep to keep your body in top form.

Here Are 25 Ways For You To Get A Better Sleep:

  1. Exercise and staying active can create a better, more restful sleep
  2. Keep your phone in a different room
  3. Don’t watch TV, which may further stimulate your brain keeping you from getting sleepy
  4. Avoid drinking water 2-3 hours before sleep so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom
  5. Turn the lights down low and create a relaxing environment about an hour before you get into bed
  6. Stick to a routine: get into bed around the same time every night and train your body to follow your schedule
  7. Make your room colder
  8. Get your clothes ready and everything set for the next day, which may calm your nerves
  9. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, which negatively affects sleep
  10. Use a mattress that has the right firmness for you to get the best sleep
  11. Try to go to sleep at the same time every night
  12. Sleep in an extremely dark room – Cover all small light sources and get really dark shades/curtains for your bedroom
  13. Writing a list of everything you want to do the next day can help to alleviate an over-anxious mind
  14. If you have trouble falling asleep, incorporating a small amount of low-glycemic carbs an hour before bed can help with falling asleep
  15. Live by the sun – when it goes down, you go down. Daylight provides important information to your natural circadian rhythms
  16. Figure out if you’re a bedtime snacker or not. For some, a light meal late in the evening is soothing, while it keeps others tossing & turning
  17. Avoid stimulants & coffee, even late in the afternoon. Caffeine sticks around in the blood for 5 to 10 hours in most people, and even longer in others
  18. Do a few yoga postures before getting in bed.
  19. Practice relaxation techniques while you’re laying in bed such as deep breathing, guided imagery, or progressive relaxation exercises
  20. Meditate for 5 to 10 minutes before bed, by focusing on inhales and exhales, to slow the mind down and to prepare it to rest
  21. Leave the computer out of the bedroom
  22. Invest in a sleep machine, especially if you live in a noisy city. You can switch the machine to play sounds like ocean waves, rainforest sounds and rain
  23. Read something positive and soothing before calling it a night
  24. Drink some calming, decaffeinated hot tea a few hours before bed
  25. Avoid consuming sugars a few hours before bed

Hope these tips help you get better rest to give you more energy and motivation to stay active.

Are there any we missed on this list that have helped you get better sleep?

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  • Caroline says:

    Love this!! Solid sleep is so important.

  • Richard Wolfgang says:

    You left out:

    -Some warm milk
    -Avoid alcohol before bedtime
    -Avoid black teas, cocoa, and caffeinated soda in the evening

    • Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT says:

      I ended up adding alcohol to the list because that's a really important one. Thanks for the comment.

    • Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT says:

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Anthony says:

    Great stuff! I get really thirsty a few hours before bed also with some dry throat and I end up drinking too much before bed and have to always wake up.

  • Lasse says:

    There is an app in appstore that is called sleep pillow. It has around 70 different noices, I think, and there are different kinds of the same theme. Like sea-sounds: river with lot of movement, not much movement, sailing in a kano ect.
    As far as I remember it is free, and if you have more than 1 sound that you likes, you can put more sounds together in 1 sound. For example if you like the sound of rain and fire, you can mix them to 1 sound and starmark your facorite sounds.
    It works really good! :)

    • Marc Perry, CSCS, CPT says:

      Cool, thanks for sharing.

  • Tony says:

    Last cup of coffe should be just after lunch time to avoid waking up for bathroom chores in the middle of the night ...

  • Lee says:

    So how many hours is recommended? I work two jobs - my second job is from home until 10 PM(Yes I'm writing this on second job :) ) But I get to bed around 11 and am up at 6:00 in the gym at 6:30.