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25 Ways To Make More Time For Exercise

By Marc Perry / February 20, 2016

A busy schedule can make it seem like you hardly have time to breath, much less workout.

While we know exercise has many benefits, it can still seem like a huge challenge just to squeeze in a 10 minute workout.

If you take a closer look at your own schedule and figure out ways to make more time for exercise, it may seem more manageable to address.

We compiled 25 tips from our contributing experts on how to make more time for exercise and free up your busy schedule.

Get Prepared

1. Get Your Gym Clothes Ready In Advance – Pick Get your clothes ready the night before if you workout in the morning

2. OR Sleep in Your Work-out Clothes – You have no excuse when that alarm goes off to not get moving.

3. Always Carry Your Gym Clothes – Always keep your gym clothes handy in your briefcase/handbag so you don’t need to make an extra trip home

4. Create A Home GymCreate a home gym for when you don’t have time to hit the gym

5. Budget Time During Weekend – Just in case your week gets incredibly hectic, make sure to leave time over the weekend for an extra workout or two

6. Emergency Gym Bag – Keep an “emergency” gym bag at your office

7. Put Your Workouts In Your Calendar – Treat them like a meeting you can’t break. Consider finding a colleague who would be willing to exercise with you either before or after work (this also locks in a specific scheduled time).

Get Productive

8. Check Emails Less – Check email as few times per day as possible, shoot for 3 to 5. It can free up a lot of time.

9. Use Email Filters – Create email filters and auto-archives for email that is not timely, like newsletters etc., which clears up your inbox.

10. Create An Activities Log – Write down a list of all your daily activities and tasks, then hack away at the non-essentials, or delegate them if possible. Doing less is the path of the productive!

11. Batch Tasks – Batch similar tasks together such as going out to do errands, or when you need to make several phone calls.

12. Organize Your Week on Sunday Night – Notice how much time it takes to get things together in the morning? Spend Sunday night really organizing things, and you’ll be surprised how much extra time you have to fit in a workout.

13. Plan Workout Ahead of Time – Design a Strength Circuits workout you can do at home, on your own schedule.

14. Reduce Your Workout Time – Increase the intensity of your workout and you’ll save time (See: 50 Ways To Cut Down Workout Time).

Get Moving

15. Watch Less TV – Cut TV time down by 1 hour each week – on average, Americans watch 20+ hours of TV per week!

16. OR Exercise While You Watch TV – do some jump rope during commercials, pushups or other body weight exercises, or at least jog in place.

17. Walk More – Walk to work if possible, or walk to lunch instead of ordering. The faster you walk, the better.

18. You Have To Want To Do It – Make time for exercise. Nobody has time for exercise: we make time for things we want to do (reading, watching TV, etc.).

19. Get A Training Partner – Get a training partner and schedule a time to meet at the gym.

20. Create Workout Dates With Friends – Start scheduling work-out dates with friends, instead of just food dates. Or, combine the two. Get a good work-out in and grab a healthy bite afterwards.

21. Spend Less Time Contemplating Working Out – If you spend time contemplating working out because you’re not motivated or too tired, watch some workout motivation videos.

22. Carry Your Luggage – When you have extra time in the airport, walk to your terminal or baggage claim, instead of riding the train and carry your luggage, don’t roll it. Be careful of course to maintain proper posture.

23. Take The Stairs More Often – Always take the stairs instead of a ramp, elevator, or escalator. For how much time we spend sitting down, we all know we need it.

24. Bike home – If possible, bike, or run home from work. (That’s where the office gym bag comes in handy)

25. Create Adventurous Dates – Turn humdrum dates into adventurous activities, like packing a lunch and going for a hike, or rock climbing at an indoor rock wall, kayaking etc.

If any of these tips work for you or you have more suggestions on how to find extra time to work out, we’d love to hear them.


  • mary says:

    Scheduling your workout on the calendar really helps. Working out the same time of day has greater success, because it becomes habitual. Thanks for the tips.