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7 Advanced Yoga Poses: Can You Do One?

By Kristin Rooke / February 19, 2016

If you practice yoga, or want to start, you probably know that there are many poses that vary in their level of difficulty. Certain poses are great for beginners, and then there are many good for working your way up. If you are just starting out, here are a few good articles on BuiltLean to check out:

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Once you really have a handle on what you are doing, you could try out one of these 7 poses we have demonstrated in this article – all among the hardest poses to master.

Check out how to do them and the effect they have on your body.


Yoga Pose #1: Dancer’s Pose

This is a great pose to stretch the chest and hip flexors, improve mobility in the shoulders, and work on your balance.

Finding the perfect amount of tension between the arms and leg to maintain your center of gravity is where the challenge lies.

Yoga Pose #2: One-legged King Pigeon Pose

This pose is a progression from the classic pigeon pose. You’ll not only get a great piriformis stretch, you also get an excellent hip flexor and quad stretch.

It requires a lot of flexibility in the hips and spine, so make sure you’re properly warm before attempting this pose.

Yoga Pose #3: Flying Crow Pose

An amazing arm balance with a big hip opener, flying crow pose requires flexibility, strength, and balance at the same time.

Start standing and cross one ankle over your knee. Fold over your legs and bring your hands toward the ground. Plant your hands and wedge your leg onto your arms. Lean forward and gradually lift your back leg off the ground.

Yoga Pose #4: Hummingbird Pose

This is probably one of my favorite poses because it requires a lot of tension and flexibility simultaneously. It’s a huge hip opener and twist that strengthens your shoulders and core.

You start the same way you would for Flying Crow pose, but you add a twist and wedge your foot onto your arm. Then, with confidence, you extend your leg off the ground and breath.

Yoga Pose #5: Handstand Scorpion Pose

To attempt this pose, you must first and foremost master the basic handstand.

From there, you simultaneously reach your chest forward as you slowly reach your feet towards your head. Stay active and engaged through your core to control the backbend.

Yoga Pose #6: Lotus Peacock Pose

Before attempting arm balance, you should master seated lotus and the basic peacock pose.

Once you can perform each one individually, you combine the two poses together for Lotus Peacock pose.

Lotus requires a lot of hip flexibility. Peacock pose utilizes a lot of glute strength.

Yoga Pose #7: Crooked Limbs Pose

The Crooked Limbs Pose in a seated position.

It strengthens your arms, abdominals, and adductors.

Hope you enjoyed checking out these poses – let us know if you have a chance to try some out yourself!


  • Erika says:

    Wow. These are definitely advanced yoga poses. I am tempted to try the One Legged King Pigeon pose.