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Impact Wrap: A Fitness Tracker For Your Punching Bag

By Marc Perry / July 1, 2017

Fitness trackers have exploded in popularity with 68 million units expected to ship in 2015.
But the digital revolution has yet to gain traction in more specific training modalities like combat training.

If you own a punching bag or use one in your gym, or group fitness class, do you know how hard you hit and if you are progressing over time?

Impact Wrap is a soon-to-be-released product that allows you to track your workouts on a punching bag and even compete against friends. I was so impressed with a recent product demonstration that I recently became an investor and advisor.

The following offers more detail about the Impact Wrap, how it works, and where you can learn more about it.

What is Impact Wrap?

Impact Wrap turns your heavy bag into a fitness tracker by using a wrap with sensors, which measures how hard and often you hit the bag. These stats are sent to an app on your smartphone where you can create and track workouts, and compete against others.

The products that currently exist on the market cost thousands of dollars and require you to hit immovable pads, or they have sensors built into gloves, which means you can’t use your own gloves and you can’t measure kicking, knee, or elbow strikes.

How Does Impact Wrap Work?

Dan Fradin, the founder of Impact Wrap came up with the ingenious solution of measuring striking power with sensors at the top and bottom of the wrap, which record the ripple effect of a strike.

Striking power is calculated by an algorithm, which has been tested on different sized bags and striking on different parts of the bag.
The information gathered by the sensors is captured by a digital display on the top of the wrap, which syncs wirelessly using bluetooth to your mobile app. You are able to view average striking power, number of strikes, maximum strike, along with create customized workouts and even compete against friends.

Two boxing gyms are currently testing Impact Wrap for group training workouts and competitions.

Where Can I Learn More?

Impact Wrap is accepting pre-sale orders through its Kickstarter, which it launched on July 14th. The pre-sale orders are available at a discounted price of $189 versus the retail price of $249. You can also learn more about Impact Wrap on its website http://www.ImpactWrap.com.


  • Dan Fradin says:

    Thanks for the post, Marc!

    It's great to be mentioned on BuiltLean as I've been a reader for over 4 years now and love the site. I've gone through Marc's 8-Week Transformation Program to get the elusive six-pack and can say it does work!

    If anyone has any questions about Impact Wrap, please leave in the comments below or email me at dan@impactwrap.com.

    Appreciate any level of support on our Kickstarter - we are offering exclusive goodies beyond the wrap!


    Founder & CEO, Impact Wrap