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15-Minute Hotel Room Workout To Burn Fat & Build Strength

When you’re on vacation, you may not want to spend a ton of time working out. And on a work trip, you may be too busy to squeeze in a long gym session. That’s where this high-intensity hotel workout comes in.

You don’t need a gym or any equipment besides your bodyweight to get a serious fat-burning workout. In just 15-minutes, you’ll optimize your time, burn fat, and keep on-track with your fitness goals, even while away from your usual training environment and exercise schedule.

You’re about to get after it, suck some wind, and make your muscles work hard.

Hotel Workout Preparation

Because this high-intensity workout is built to be quick and efficient, be ready to push yourself constantly for the entire 15-minutes. This is meant to be tough, but I structured the exercises so you can persevere through the challenge. Expect to feel your muscles burn, your heart pump, and to go breathless. At the same time, focus on executing each exercise with perfect technique. Your form is the most important element to pay attention to. Never sacrifice quality!

Before you begin, clear your room so you have an open space to workout in. Move your desk chair, suitcase(s) and other bags, and any other obstacle that could get in your way. You want to make the space as safe as possible, so watch out for bed corners, ends of tables, etc.

Set a timer using either your smartphone or a watch, and have your list of these exercises available so that when you start you can commit to the 15-minutes and not look back. The only equipment you’ll need is a chair, or the edge of your bed. Ready to go?

Hotel Workout Instructions

Complete 2 sets of the following exercises for 1-minute each to prepare for your workout.

1. Inchworms
2. Alternating Spider Stretch with Rotation
3. Jumping Jacks

Workout Circuit

You have 3 rounds that are 4:30 minutes each, with a 30-second rest between.

Time Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1 min Alt. Forward Lunges Alt. Reverse Lunges Alt. Side Lunges
1 min Push Ups Airplane Push Ups Bomber Push Ups
1 min Prone Plank Alt. Leg Lowers Side Plank (30s each side)
1 min Prisoner Squat Single-Leg Squat Bulgarian Split Squat
30 sec Squat Jump Mountain Climbers Burpees
Rest 30 seconds Rest 30 seconds Rest 30 seconds

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Hotel Workout FAQs:

How often should I do this workout?

Most people should be able to do this workout every other day, while more advanced exercisers could consider doing 2 days in a row. Focus on cardio and outdoor fitness on your days in between.

How do I know if this workout is appropriate for me?

If you consider yourself a complete beginner, meaning you have not exercised regularly for 6 months or more, then this workout is not for you. If you enjoy challenges, a good sweat, and making the most of your time then give this workout all you’ve got.

Going on a business trip or a vacation doesn’t mean you have to skip your workouts. In the first scenario, your time is limited. In the second, you want to rest, relax, and enjoy your surroundings. To keep on track with your fitness goals, focus on high-intensity exercise. In a short period of time, you can rev up your fat-burning engine and get on with the rest of your day.

Give this workout a shot, and let me know how it goes!


  • Dr. Ken Roy says:

    Hotel Workout - Mark - this is great! Some hotels do not have gyms and those that do - well - not the cleanest operations in many cases! I especially like the fact that plank positions have been woven into this workout series - Might just add a few Yoga positions to round this out like Warrior series. As usual - BuiltLean is right on target!!! Thanks - Dr. Ken

  • Jesse Enriquez says:

    What is the best 30 min. full body workout?

  • Maggie says:

    I like this!
    I will be competing at a major fencing tournament next month and one of the downsides to staying in the headquarters hotel is that the gym will be packed every day. This will give me a nice warm-up before morning pools. Thanks!