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38-Year Old Mom Weight Loss Success Story (Charise)

By Marc Perry / November 7, 2017

Name: Charise Courtney

Age: 38

Occupation: Mom (full time), Second Grade Teacher (full time), bass player and wedding singer (weekend fun), piano teacher (part-time from home), High School softball coach (spring)

Residence: Thomaston, CT


What results did you get with the BuiltLean Transformation?
I lost 12 pounds, dropped 2 clothing sizes, lost three inches around my waist, and went from 25% to 19% bodyfat. I ran my first 5k under 24 minutes and have won first place in two races since beginning transformation. I have participated in various new activities I never would have dreamed of trying (paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, mountain biking). I have increased energy. I feel less stressed out and I am able to deal with my day to day activities (all of them) much easier. I am happy, confident, and full of smiles again!

What have your friends thought after seeing your results?
My friends and family have been very supportive. My friends are very happy for me because they see a change not only in my physical appearance but in the way I act as well. My co-workers want to know who my trainer is and if they can work out with me! My Principal put me in charge of of recruiting staff to participate in a weekly step challenge. He says I earned this challenge by default because I have become our school’s “step queen”. Acquaintances at the gym want to know what the heck I was doing because after taking weeks off from the gym I returned looking better than when I had left. My mom and sister want purchase BuiltLean because they have seen not only how much better I look, but how much happier I am. My 11 year old daughter loves that she can now borrow all my clothes because we are close to the same size.


Why did you get out of shape? What happened?

Getting out of shape happened because of stress in my daily life and lack of time to exercise and cook healthy meals. It happened slowly over time.

I had always been active, but little by little exercise and full meals got put off to the side, and traded in for convenience. I became overwhelmed and I put “me” on the back burner. I would bring my workout clothes to work and promise myself I would go to the gym after work, but something always came up. I would try to plan meals but ended up just reaching for whatever was close because cooking or packing food for lunch was too much work.

Over time I got used to never having time for myself and accepted that that was just how my life was going to be. I got too tired to try to keep finding time.

What sparked you to make a change?
I couldn’t fit into my clothes and felt extremely uncomfortable. I hated the way I felt even more than the way I looked. I was tired all the time, even after 8 hours of sleep! I got winded walking up the stairs at work, I couldn’t run around the softball field when coaching. I felt like I was just going through the motions of my life and wasn’t actually living it.

How did you come across BuiltLean?
I found BuiltLean by accident looking for tips and tricks online. I signed up for BuiltLean weekly and began to receive emails with amazing information. I got excited for each new email to arrive and while I wasn’t doing anything yet physically, I felt like I was mentally getting smarter. It had been about a year after I was receiving the emails before I decided that I wanted to do the transformation program in full. During that year I had a pre-transformation just from trying out tips and exercises from the free emails. Then once I decided to commit fully, my real transformation occurred.

The Program

How did BuiltLean Transformation help you reach your goals?
BuiltLean transformation gave me the not only an amazing program to follow but Marc and his team really explained things. I felt like I knew this was going to work and I knew the science behind the why. The eating plan was also easy to follow. It wasn’t some crazy fad diet set up to lose weight quickly, I felt like I was learning how to make a lifestyle change and I now had the proper tools to do it.

What did you like most about the Program?
The Transformation program was very easy to follow and I believe this is the main reason I was able to stick with it and see results. I didn’t have to “find” time to get to the gym because I could do these workouts anywhere! They were short and sweet and within 20-30 minutes a day I was done! That was it. Not hours and not even seven days a week. I didn’t feel overwhelmed like I had previously, trying to fit in time for myself. This was doable with my busy life. I could now “make” time for myself! Also the eating plan gave me a variety of choices of foods I liked and I could EAT! I was able to eat food that I enjoyed and never felt hungry!

What are the workouts like?
The workouts are wonderful! They are quick, fast-paced, and as intense as you want them to be. I love the design of these workouts because they are set up in a way for you to challenge yourself to be better than you were before. The workouts don’t have a set number of reps so you do as many as you can in 30 seconds. This was great for me because at the start I didn’t feel embarrassed because I couldn’t do a prescribed amount, and at the end I wasn’t limited by a set number. Each Phase built upon the last so they gradually increased in difficulty, so gradually that they never feel too hard to complete.

There were some days when I didn’t have as much energy, so I wasn’t able to complete as many reps as the week before but that didn’t stop me from getting the workout done! I also love that I could do them anywhere. As long as you have a pair of dumbbells these workouts can be done at the gym, the beach, your hotel room, the park with your kids, or in your living room. Anywhere that works for you.

Can you elaborate on how your eating habits changed?

The main way that my eating habits changed is by becoming aware of what and how much I was eating. Before Transformation I was a mindless eater. No plan just ate when I “thought” I was hungry and grabbed what was convenient. This was terrible especially because I had a family that relied on me for meals. We ate out alot! Now we rarely eat out and I plan meals ahead of time on Sunday when I have the time to do it.

BuiltLean taught me portion control through examples, and that I didn’t need to eat mindlessly, all the time. Once my meals became regular and tracked I realized that I wasn’t really ever as hungry as I previously had thought.

I stay away from processed foods and now eat whole foods. I started cooking for the week ahead on Sunday. This takes me a couple of hours, but it works for me. I prepare by cutting veggies and fruits and separating them, and cooking protein ahead of time. This way dinners and lunches take 20 minutes or less to put together each night. That’s the same amount of time it would have taken us to wait for delivery or drive to the restaurant we have a home cooked healthy, whole, unprocessed meal.

What would you tell someone who’s on the fence considering training with BuiltLean?

Get started!!!! This has been the best decision I’ve ever made. This transformation will change your life for the better. You will love it. I can’t say enough about how much I loved the program. It is easy to follow, and Marc and the BuiltLean team are there for you every step of the way. They are supportive and happy to answer questions. Even if you’ve tried other programs that haven’t worked out, try BuiltLean Transformation and stick with it. It does work. You will not only see results, but you will feel them!


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