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#1 Jedi Mind Trick To Get A Lean Body

By Marc Perry / October 12, 2018

Source: StarWars Wikia (Brandon Chng)

Let me ask you a question. Please think carefully:

Why do you want to have a lean & healthy body?

Is it to look better, or maybe feel better?

If that was your answer, that’s not good enough.

Not even close!

I can help you find a reason that’s so strong that nothing in the natural world can stop you from achieving a lean body.

When I first meet with a coaching client, my most important actions are:

  1. Establish what the client really wants
  2. Determine the reasons why this goal is so important

That’s it. That is BY FAR the most important thing I do.

99% of the men I speak to do NOT have a very clear understanding of what they want and why it’s important

While I think you should identify several compelling reasons why achieving a lean body are important, you may only need one.

One compelling reason can build a massive fire in your belly. A burning desire.

A desire so strong that your fears immediately disintegrate and any obstacles in your way are broken into a million pieces.

The secret – the jedi mind trick – is to relate the reason why your goal is so important to someone who you deeply love, or something that benefits other people you care about.

Any man (or woman) will do more for someone else he deeply cares about than he will for himself. It’s our nature.

So think about these questions:

How will achieving a lean and healthy body benefit someone who you deeply love?

What will it cost you and the people you love if you do NOT achieve your goal? What happens if you get in even worse shape?

Maybe it will it help strengthen your relationship with your wife because you will have more intimacy? Maybe you will be there for your kids for the long haul?

Once you can identify this reason, everything changes.

You have something no man can take away and every man desires.

You have something that no amount of money can buy and that’s not even for sale in the marketplace.

You have an indomitable will. Unstoppable drive.

You have the look in your eyes of a man who is fearless.

Motivation is fleeting. A reason why can be everlasting.

Have you found it? Leave a comment below.

If you would like to be coached by me to achieve a lean body for life, check out my BuiltLean® Lifestyle program. I think you’ll really enjoy it.


  • Steve Rohan says:

    Hey Marc! In a time where there is so much propaganda and so many self-serving falsities flying at us, thanks for always publishing quality fitness info. For the layperson like myself, finding truth in health improvement articles can be a slippery slope to say the least. My ‘reason why’ is to keep my body as healthy as possible so that I can live an active, disease-free, natural life for as long as my body can provide it. As we all do, I want to see my children grow and have their own children, and hopefully see those children reach adulthood (and be the grandpa who climbs to the top bleacher to watch games and graduations!), which is something neither my father or grandfather were able to do. Thanks again!

    • Marc Perry says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steve!

  • Terry Brooker says:

    To avoid disease and illness to allow me to achieve ALL my other goals and be actively able to support my partner, children and grandchildren

    • Marc Perry says:

      Excellent, Terry. Thanks for sharing

  • Kevin heath says:

    My reason is my wife and kids. I lead from the front. Being fit (cycling 100 plus when time permits)Running, weights etc. At 46 years old with a busy life/ work etc I hope my little boys will follow suit as the mental benefits out way looking good. Deep article mark. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!!

    • Marc Perry says:

      Thanks for sharing, Kevin and congrats on being a role model for your kids

  • Hank says:

    Marc you hit the nail on the head with motivation. Love is the greatest motivator.

  • Rich says:

    After becoming a father to 8 children later in life, my desire is to live an active healthy lifestyle to enable me to raise them with massive involvement in their lives and interests.

    • Marc Perry says:

      Excellent, Rich. Thanks for sharing

  • Amber says:

    Love this! Men AND women will go above and beyond for someone they love. Don't leave out the other 50% of the human race, cause we ain't goin anywhere. I have subscribed to you for years and I love reading your articles and encouragement, strategies and routines. Keep up the good work, thank you for the wonderful motivation.


    Amber M.

    • Marc Perry says:

      Thank you, Amber! Point taken.

  • John says:

    Hey Marc, great article. For me it is that my daughters admire and emulate my discipline. When I started being fit and eating well with your program at age 50 in 2012, they started too and we have kept it up. They look to me for motivation when they are down and that is a huge reason for me to keep going. I watched my parents get vascular dementia and disability, largely because of their long term inactivity, poor fitness and diet. I want to be fit for my grandchildren to come.