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Book Review: “The Little Black Book Of Workout Motivation” By Mike Matthews

By Marc Perry / September 20, 2018

If you want to not only increase your motivation, but build an unstoppable drive to achieve your goals, I highly recommend you read Mike Matthews “The Little Black Book Of Workout Motivation”.

The book was just recently released August 30, 2018.

I was introduced to Mike through my friend Strauss Zelnick, who is the CEO of Take Two Interactive (TTWO). Strauss has as become a living legend not only for his outstanding business acumen, but for his intense training regimen of 10-12 workouts a week.

At 61-years old, Strauss puts most guys half his age to shame.

So when Strauss told me I had to meet Mike, I knew I had to hop on a call with him ASAP.

Mike did not ask me to write a review of his book. I wrote a review of this book because I think it’s a great read.

I’m very confident that this book will help you clarify your goals and build true inner strength to persevere.

Who Is Mike Matthews & Should You Trust Him For Health & Fitness Advice?

Mike used to be the guy who would go the gym religiously, but barely get any results.

He was spending hundreds of dollars on supplements a month, pushing himself hard in the gym, watching his diet, but he still looked average at best.

Even after working with different trainers, his body didn’t change.

One day Mike decided to take matters into his own hands. He applied himself fully towards learning as much about health & fitness as possible. A few years later, he had the lean, strong, and muscular body he always dreamed about.

Mike has since become one of the most prolific trainers and coaches in the world.

He is relentless in educating himself about health & fitness and takes a more intellectually rigorous approach compared to most other trainers and coaches.1 Whether you are listening to his podcast, reading his articles, reading one his best-selling books, Mike is tirelessly sharing his knowledge with as many people as possible.

Mike is the creator of Muscle For Life, which is a popular educational resource & Legion Athletics, which is a sports nutrition company.

Why You Should Read “The Little Black Book Of Workout Motivation

I must admit before I first read this book, I thought it would include the typical “rah, rah, you can do it” workout motivation.

This type of external positive thinking rarely lasts.

What I found is that this book may be little, but it’s serious. It will help you build much more than motivation, but an inner drive to succeed so you can weather any storm.

The book is separated into 4 sections:

  1. Cultivating The Right Mindset
  2. Setting The Goals
  3. Doing The Work
  4. Staying On Top

If you are looking for a light read, this is NOT the book for you. This book will challenge you, it will make you think, it will force you to go outside your comfort zone.

It requires dedication and commitment just to absorb all the ideas and act on the assignments given at the end of each chapter.

Just completing the assignments alone will help you clarify your goals, stress test them, build momentum toward their achievement, and keep an optimistic, but realistic mindset as you move forward.

Mike is giving the reader something invaluable; a rock-solid goal setting system to help you set and achieve your goals faster, which you can apply to any area of your life.

He also draws on the experience of dozens of the most successful people not only in the world today, but also throughout history. He extracts the key lessons that helped each high performer persevere in the face of insurmountable odds and achieve the impossible.

And lastly, the book is very well researched. He has too many research references to count citing very compelling and thought-provoking studies.

The day after I read this book, I got up at 5am vs. 6am. I enjoyed the sacrifice. I embraced it.

This book helped me reconnect to some of the beliefs I held firmly when I was younger, but that had withered in the face of adulthood and the siren song of seeking comfort.

If this book can inspire me to get up an hour earlier immediately and reconnect to my inner drive, I’m sure it will help you too.

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  1. Mike advises that most trainees split up body parts each workout like push muscles one day or push muscles another. I personally only do full body training focusing on movement patterns, which is what BuiltLean recommends to the vast majority of our readers. While Mike & I have different goals regarding exercise, we are on the same page.