Advertising Policy

At this time, BuiltLean only displays native ads for its own products and services, or products that we endorse. Our website does not host Google sponsored ads and links, or any other third party advertising network or ads.

Our native advertisements do not display any objectionable images or content. Instead, we display images and text that are directly relevant to health & fitness that help inspire our readers & customers to reach their potential.

Ads on are clearly differentiated from editorial content with the words “Advertisement” above the ad. In addition, ads are either placed below or on the side of editorial content, so they are not confused with being part of the content. The advertisements we display on our website do not affect our editorial content.

We may occasionally include a link to one of our products of programs in an article that is directly relevant to the topic of the article and we believe will benefit our readers. If you have any questions about our advertising policy, please email us at [email protected] and we are happy to answer them!

Last Updated: 04/08/23