Build 10+ Pounds of Muscle in 12-Weeks*

Build Muscle With Strength Circuits 3 Days a Week*

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* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the workout & nutrition plan is required for best results.
Look Like An Athlete, Not a Bodybuilder
Most muscle-building programs force you to eat like a horse and target muscle groups for tons of reps. You gain fat - not muscle - and feel bloated & sore all the time. BuiltLean Muscle uses a full-body “strength circuits” approach to build muscle without gaining any fat so you look like a lean, strong, & muscular athlete.
Muscle-Building Eating Made Easy
We show you exactly what calorie level you should eat to build muscle without gaining fat and a corresponding meal plan that matches your calorie level. You don’t even have to think about it, it’s done for you! We also have over 30 meal & snack ideas that are easy to prepare and taste amazing. This is as easy as it gets.
Learn Perfect Form With Amazing Exercise Demonstrations
We have over 30 exercise demonstrations that clearly show you how to perform each exercise. We share with you why each exercise is important, advanced tips on mastering the exercise, along with clear step-by-step instructions. We’ve chosen the most effective exercises to get you the best results in the least amount of time.
Workout At The Gym Or At Home
Whether you like working out at the gym, or at home, the BuiltLean Muscle plan can work for you. We have a “Gym-to-Home Conversion Sheet”, so if you don’t have access to a barbell for example, we have alternative exercises that just require a pair of dumbbells. That’s all you really need to pack on some muscle!

Meet Your Coaches:
Marc & John

Marc Perry

Marc Perry is the founder of BuiltLean® and co-creator of BuiltLean® Muscle. A former Wall Street finance analyst who gained over 30 pounds from a sedentary lifestyle, Marc is now the go-to expert for helping busy professionals get lean fast. Marc earned his B.A. from Yale University and holds numerous exercise certifications.

John Leyva

John Leyva is the founder of Hoboken Fitness and a co-creator of BuiltLean Muscle. John is widely recognized as a top muscle-building expert who takes a rigorous science-backed approach. John earned his degree in Exercise Science and Psychology from Rutgers University and holds numerous exercise certifications.
Build Muscle Now

Here’s Proof You Can Get Serious Results

“I Gained 14-Pounds of Muscle”
“When I started the program, I wanted to gain some muscle and improve my overall health. I was skeptical I could get results with only a few 45-minute workouts per week. Fast forward 3-months later and I had built up 14lbs of muscle, which was much more than I ever anticipated!”
Sales Trader

What Other Experts Are Saying

"I Highly Recommend You Start the BuiltLean Muscle Program!"
"As a physician, exercise physiologist, and natural bodybuilder, people constantly ask for my opinion on exercise plans. Rarely do I see one that I would endorse. If you are looking to build muscle, I highly recommend you start the BuiltLean Muscle program!"*
Charlie Seltzer, MD
"This Program is Easy-To-Follow and Will Surely Deliver Results."
"The first word that came to mind when I reviewed this program was 'comprehensive'. This isn't a cookie-cutter workout system; the tutorials, troubleshooting and form tips make it virtually impossible to go wrong. This program easy-to-follow and will surely deliver results."*
Lee Boyce
Strength Coach & Fitness Writer

Here’s What You Get

12-Week Workout Plan
  • 9 muscle-building workouts with downloadable worksheets to track progress
  • 30+ exercise demonstrations to learn perfect form
  • 5 coaching videos where Marc & John coach you through the program
BuiltLean® Muscle Eating Plan
  • 30+ meal & snack ideas to pack on lean muscle
  • Eating plans are customized for your body weight
  • Very easy-to-follow to get the best results
BuiltLean® Movement Test
  • Test how your body moves and functions in just 10-minutes
  • Includes breakout videos if you fail one of the tests
  • Ensure you are using proper form to maximize strength & minimize injury
5 Coaching Videos
  • Marc & John coach you through the program
  • Learn how to maximize your results with key tips & insights
  • Get extra motivation to train hard & eat smart
Enjoy Great Customer Support
  • Responsive & helpful customer support
  • We love to help you get the best results possible
  • No long wait times and friendly service

If You Order Today, You Also Get $99 Worth of Bonuses for FREE

Bonus 1 - Barbell Lifting Tutorial ($49 Value)

Do you know how to bench press with proper form?  Where are your elbows supposed to point?  How wide should your hands be to maximize strength and muscle-building potential?  This video series teaches you precise form on the most important barbell lifting exercises (1) Deadlift, (2) Bench Press, (3) Military Press, and (4) Squats.

Bonus 2 - Strength Training Basics ($50 Value)

Do you know how to “lock” your shoulder while lifting weights? What about how to maximize full-body tension to lift safely?  In this 5-video series, Marc teaches you (1) How to Bulletproof Your Shoulders, (2) How to Lift Heavy Without Hurting your Back, (3) How to Squat with Perfect Form, (4) How to Dramatically Increase Abs & Core Strength, and (5) How to Achieve Superhuman Strength.

BuiltLean Muscle is a Digital Program, So You Get INSTANT Access Upon Purchase

The BuiltLean System is not a physical program, but a private website where you get permanent access to all the videos and content immediately, and view them on any electronic device including an ipad, iphone, or laptop.


This Entire Program (With Bonuses) Costs Less Than A Few Personal Training Session

$449 $99

"What If BuiltLean Muscle Doesn’t Work For Me?"

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Be an action taker and take advantage of this compelling opportunity to take your body to the next level.

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* Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and all the men and women pictured transformed their bodies through using Marc Perry's transformation system. However, these results are meant to showcase the best, most motivated clients who strictly followed the program and should not be taken as average or typical results.