Marc Perry
& Builtlean®

If you struggle with losing fat and want a lean, athletic body, without adding bulk, then keep reading.

Are you struggling to lose fat, or shift your last 10 lbs?

Do you lack the discipline or motivation to
stick to a program that works?

Would you benefit from a science-backed eating and
workout program that saves time, guides you step-by-step and gets proven results fast?

Then you're in the right place.

How Marc & BuiltLean® can help you achieve your eating and workout goals

Marc Perry CSCS, CPT Founder & CEO

Hi I'm Marc Perry, the
founder of BuiltLean®

Before I became certified trainer 8 year ago, I worked in finance, and I too struggled to lose weight and get rid of excess fat. I lacked the discipline and motivation to consistently eat healthy and workout.
I searched desperately for a common sense approach to creating and maintaining what I call a 'lean lifestyle'.
The truth is, most food and workout advice is wrong. Fad diets, gimmicky equipment and unrealistic workout programs.

So I developed my own 3-step-plan to lose weight and feel great about my body using:
workout programs
Healthy eating

Created and reviewed by certified trainers, dietitians and doctors, our programs show you how to break through your own fat loss plateau, build lean muscle and transform your body.

If you want a tested and proven method to optimize your workouts and eating habits, join those already achieving results, and sign up to our community below.